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Trump Announced a New Proposal- Green Cards Denied to Immigrants Using Welfare, Food Stamps

New immigration law has been passed by the Trump administration. Find out if the immigrants in America are at higher risk.

Trump Announced a New Proposal- Green Cards Denied to Immigrants Using Welfare, Food Stamps

A new proposal was passed by Trump and again there is an unrest and anxiety prevailing among the immigrants. The administration has passed new rules that have denied green cards to potential immigrants who are likely to use food stamps, welfare, Medicaid and housing vouchers. Anyone who is trying to come to the US or wishes to be a permanent resident with the above-mentioned terms, they would be denied.

The proposal was declared by the Department of Homeland Security this Saturday. The administration said that this decision would save several taxpayers' money that is counting up to $2.7 billion on an annual basis. The officials also said that around 380,000 people will be affected due to this in a year and assures that the immigrants would be able to support themselves. Kirstjen Nielsen the DHS Secretary said, “Under the longstanding federal law, those seeking to immigrate to the United States must show they can support themselves financially”. The official also said that the proposed rule will eventually implement a law passed by Congress which will have the intention to promote self-sufficiency in immigrant and protect the finite resources that will eventually ensure the fact that they are not likely becoming burdens on American taxpayers.

There would be exceptions in some cases as per the federal officers. The people who are lawfully permanent in the US and have been receiving benefits would continue to do so. The new rule will be applicable to these residents if they leave the country and then return back to the US. Sources say that most of the green card holders will be unaffected by the new law.

The new law which is now in the proposal stage and reportedly will come into effect after a period of 60 days of public review and comment. The rule is comprising of 447 pages in the Federal Register.

The organization's proposition lines up with President Donald Trump's battle and guarantees to seek after tougher immigration arrangements, from building the divider on the southern fringe with Mexico to lessening the number of displaced people conceded into the nation.

It's additionally being uncovered in the light of midterm elections where surveys demonstrate Democrats could take control of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and are going close in competitive Senate. Stricter migration approaches are seen as a hot-catch issue to convey moderates to the surveys, while Democrats consider it to be a lightning bar for their base.

Hard-line preservationists since a long time ago contended against conceding foreigners who can't bolster themselves. Be that as it may, settler advocates consider it a brutal assault on a portion of the world's most defenseless individuals who are looking for a possibility of a superior life in the United States – and who may require a little help to get started.  

Mark Krikorian, the official executive of the Center for Immigration Studies, whose group backs migration, told the New York Times, “This country has defined public charge in a fictional way in order to empower high levels of low-skilled immigration. But this concept is basically a 21st-century definition of what public charge is.” Migration authorities for quite a long time have thought about candidates' monetary status in choosing whether to allow them passage, however, the new standards are fundamentally stricter than past strategy.

Olivia Garden has something else to say on this matter. She is the executive director of the Center for Law and Social Policy. She said in one of her statements that the immigrants will be left poorer, sicker and hungrier in this condition. The documented working parents are under the risk of the policy who till now have abided by all the rules. She said that it is an extremely terrible idea and revolts need to be called against it.

Pro-immigration groups are bracing for a noteworthy battle to stop or adjust the proposition, both by submitting remarks on the arrangement and researching choices for a claim. They say outsiders stressed in regards to being denied a visa may maintain a strategic distance from or pull back from public programs even at the danger of losing shelter and worse health conditions.

Immigration advocates say that the proposition will probably prevent guardians of young American citizens from looking for nourishment stamps, welfare or lodging help. Ai-Jen Poo, the chief of the National Domestic Workers Alliance said that there will be in all accounts no restriction to the manners in which the organization will hurt kids and families.  

Possibly precluding benefits incorporate Medicare Part D physician recommended drugs, Medicaid with a few exemptions for crisis administrations and disability administrations identified with education, nourishment stamps, and Section 8 lodging vouchers.

Critics likewise battle that concentrating on the prompt financial expenses of migration is limited and overlooks the long haul commitment they make to society. A report was released in the New York Times that claimed that Donald Trump in White House is not taking the responsibility of 1,500 immigrant children.

Those who are in support of the proposal said that the advocates of immigration are wishing to have dual benefits by their dual claims. On one hand, they are claiming that they are benefiting the country and are also saying they need the access to housing help and food stamps.

A letter was signed this year which showed a positive contribution of immigrants. 1470 economists were under this list who delivered Trump the signed letter to Trump and other Republican leaders of Congress. The group has acknowledged the fact that the immigrants can prove to be harmful to some dedicated American business and representatives.

As per reports, in the upcoming year, the government of the US will even restrict the number of refugees that will settle in the Nation. Reportedly, the number will restrict to 30,000 people. This will include the number of people suffering from violence, fled from war background or any other. The current cap is 45,000 which is itself a low number that was earlier set by the Refugee Act 1980. It’s only two weeks left from the completion of the 2018 Fiscal year and the count till now says the number is 20,918.

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