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Twitter Celebrates Leap Year!

Let’s take a look at how Twitterrati is celebrating Leap Year!

Twitter Celebrates Leap Year!

It’s 29 February, 2020, does that ring a bell? Well, it’s Leap Year folks, and this February 29th the social media is celebrating the Leap Day!


The Twitterati make sure, no special day or occasion goes unnoticed, and hence, users are sharing vivid amusing posts to observe this day!


But before we go into that, let us revise the chapter of Leap Year.


What is a Leap Year?


It’s a calendar year, where an extra day is added to its shortest month, i.e. February. Instead of 365 days, a Leap Year is observed with 366 days. And ladies and gentlemen, a Leap Year comes every four years… so special… isn’t it?


And this is how Twitter celebrates the Leap Year 2020:

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