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Twitter Dazzles with #TweetToLight, Diwali Spirits are High

As the entire India is lighting up to the Diwali glory, Twitter is all sparkles with its most trending #TweetToLight.

Twitter Dazzles with #TweetToLight, Diwali Spirits are High

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" I rendered this one from P. B. Shelly’s classic, ‘Ode to the West Wind’, for a reason. It’s very relevant to this pre-Diwali mood in the entire Indian nation, at the moment. As the whole country lights up to this festival of brilliance, all the social platforms including Twitter, raises it to #TweetToLight.


The hashtag got started with The State Bank of India’s Diwali video tweet: 

Following the ad, posts, images, tweets started pouring in which all had the Diwali spirit in common.


Diwali happens to be an all-embracing festival in India, that knows no creed, cast, race, gender or religion. With love, happiness and peace at its core, the beams of this fest have reached the faraway land of America.


Diwali has been celebrated in the White House, this Thursday. Former US President, Barack Obama was the pioneer of this trend down there, and the current President Donald Trump is holding up with it. 


How’s your Diwali going to look like? Share with photographs in the comments below. And yes, have a very Happy Diwali!

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