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Using LinkedIn Native Videos for Better Engagement

Native videos can be great marketing tools for LinkedIn. Learn how you can use them.

Using LinkedIn Native Videos for Better Engagement

The challenge for a marketer is to adapt a routine for improvement. This should be a daily task. This habit of improvement should be adapted to create better working environment.

However, have you even thought about your social media promotion campaign?

If you have not yet created an improvement strategy for your social media campaigns, it is time you do. In fact, you need to start the campaign from today only.

You should start from LinkedIn

This social media platform has proved to be a great foundation when it comes to B2B promotion campaign. The experts claim that creating a content marketing strategy exclusively for LinkedIn is an essential step towards success.

This content marketing strategy can be done effectively with the use of native videos.

The social media platform actually is on the improvement mode. They are trying to adapt the biggest digital marketing trend by using native videos. You should take this approach too. If you don’t adapt to the trend, it might be a little late.

The native video ideas are required to be created in ways that you can increase your content engagement by carefully using the videos.

However, before jumping into the discussion, let’s have a look at an essential aspect of LinkedIn video.

Is It Really Worth It?

Well, yes, your effort will be paid off if you can use the native videos properly. If you look at the way digital marketing is changing, you will see that social videos have come a long way. Today, this platform has grown bigger than the text-based content platform.

That is the reason – if you want to leverage the power of social video, it is now. In fact, it has been seen that more than 80 percent of buyers say that promotional videos have pushed them to buy a product.

Other web visitors have said that they find it easier to understand product details with the help of videos. This shows that the right kind of video can help you go ahead in your path.

If you can use the video in the right way, you can get better engagement.

So, you can see that visitors are using videos for various reasons. These visitors include the LinkedIn users as well.

Since you will not find another social site for B2B content promotion, you need to use LinkedIn for better engagement.

Now, the question is – how can you use the native videos for your brand promotion.

Use Trends or Talk about What’s Happening

Trending topics work like wonder when it comes to getting attention. Everyone wants to know about the current news. However, there is one drawback of using trends for promotion.

Thousands of people are eyeing the same topics. Thousands of people will be creating contents on the similar topics. This is why – there is ample chance of your content getting buried into the heap of blog posts and videos that get published every day.

So, you can take another approach. You can share your daily life in your videos. You can share what your brand is up to with the people. Viewers like to know about their favorite brands. So, you can take the approach of a reporter and start working about your brand growth process.

This approach can be effective if you are working on a project that is interesting. The videos can be used to create a documentary of your brand expansion journey.

If you explore, you will see that this type of videos create the biggest engagement.

Interview other Brand Creators

Well, if you are not working on any interesting project, you can create your videos on some other topics. You can create videos on other brand creators. Or you can just use the passion of your employees to leverage your video promotion.

Attach these people to your project. Their passion will drag visitors and make them watch your videos.

There are brands that have been using this tactic. They are getting success in promoting such videos as well. This is not a difficult process. You need to find the young and energetic minds. You need to have a discussion with them and then you need to ask them the questions.

So, here you will able to get the attention of the people who are following your brand and the people who are following the interviewee’s brand. The video will be able to get you quick traffic.

Predict the Trend

Everyone wants to know the future. They want to know how the trend will change. They want to know what will work tomorrow and what will not. You can use this curiosity to drag people to your brand and promote your service or product.

Predicting trend in your niche will be right kind of video content to share on LinkedIn. People will be drawn to such content as well. So, you must do some research to select topics.

These videos need not be too lengthy. These can be short and crunchy in approach. What you need to talk about is the trends that are going to change the future of the industry.

Such videos can be done in pointers. Such a video can gain you thousands of views when done right. So, you need to invest time when you are creating such a video.

Whenever you find yourself struggling with the ideas to create interesting videos, you can try this type to create hype and attract attention. Create the title in a way that people want to watch the video. Make sure to use numeric if possible.

Try to Educate

Well, when there is nothing to share and you cannot find the trending topic, adhere to the task of educating people. Tutorial videos have been proved to be effective time and again.

You need to opt for short videos. Such videos should not last for more than 10 min. Lengthy videos are usually boring.

Lastly, when you are using native videos for LinkedIn promotion, make sure to be committed to the promotional campaign. You must have a strategy to use the videos. Otherwise, your marketing efforts will be lost.

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