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Vertigo is More Than Just Dizziness: Know What the Doctors are Saying

Vertigo was a problem related to old age a few years back, but now the children are also facing the burns of unnatural dizziness.

Vertigo is More Than Just Dizziness: Know What the Doctors are Saying

No, it’s not the Hitchcock thriller we are talking about though it’s enough to give you headaches of thrill. Here the concern is about the disease Vertigo that’s increasing at an alarming state. Following the earlier statistics, this disease was common with old age. But doctors are now concerned as the record says that in a year if a single school is considered, around 15% children are facing the symptoms of Vertigo.

It has been seen that in most of the cases of children, the symptoms are ignored as parents never think vertigo can affect their child at a young age. In a study, it was found that among 113 vertigo affected children, 3% said that their vertigo was not disturbing while 17% said that they were facing issues. Around 76% told that the vertigo symptoms are really disturbing and is affecting their daily course of activities.


Parents must keep a check on the symptoms

The feeling of spinning is not something comfortable at any age. But for your child, it might be a first time experience and he/she can’t even identify what actually is happening. Your child will feel that the surroundings are moving without any real movement happening physically. The feeling is quite fearful for some and you might find changes in the behavior of your child. In some cases, the situation worsens with coughing or sneezing.


Behavioral changes that you might notice

Is your child walking straight or there is a change in the motion while doing any movement? The head might get tilted just like the way one attempts to do when trying to balance the walk. Along with the head tilt, you might also find eyes getting jerky or there is a simple swaying in the body as if the balance is lost. If your child is getting accidental bumps out of the blue or just falling out of nothing, that can be a sign that you need to be cautious about. Experts say that you must take time to record the behavior. You might not conclude a single incident as anything serious. But if the symptoms are happening repeatedly you might contact an ENT specialist.


Take note of the complaints your child is making

The most common thing that children admitted in such cases is the spinning of the head and a dizzy feeling. Experts say, that dizziness must not be mistaken with Vertigo at all times as it is just another sign of Vertigo and thus not all dizziness means the child is affected with the disease. Sometimes, Vertigo is caused due to an infection in the ear. In such a case, your child will be complaining about a sound that’s actually nowhere. Your child will be sensitive towards sharp noises and this might end up having severe pain in ears. The pain might even flow and can cause a severe headache. If you find these symptoms going on for hours or sometimes days, you must consult your doctor to find out the problem.



The probable causes of vertigo

Although doctors say that it is difficult to identify the exact cause of vertigo and thereby avoid that. Vertigo might happen due to various reasons and as per expert guidance some of the common causes are stated below:

  • Labyrinthitis is a viral infection and is considered the most common cause of Vertigo among kids. This infection is caused in the inner ear. A part of the inner ear involves an inflammation that causes pain. Sometimes a simple blockage in the inner ear is caused by cold or allergies. Fluids get accumulated in the Eustachian tube and the ear gets connected to sinus symptoms.


  • A head injury if ignored can lead to Vertigo. Little children are not ready to sit idle and the play session tends to be unlimited. Doctors say that children usually have less sensation of pain and due to this, some severe head injuries often remain unnoticed as they do not inform it to the parents. Maybe the head injury does not show its signs on the very same day but a few days later your child may complain about dizziness and that doctors suggest getting a check-up done.


  • Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo is a form of Vertigo that’s usually caused in childhood and often gets cured as the child reaches the age of eight. Till that age, the symptoms of loss of balance, vomiting, and nausea might occur several times a month.


  • Meniere’s disease is another form of Vertigo which is usually seen in aged patients. But doctors are saying that they have seen some rare cases where children are also affected. In such a situation an abnormal amount of liquid flows into the inner that causes ringing sensations. The continuous ringing often leads to hearing loss.


The Cure

The treatment of Vertigo depends on the type of Vertigo caused. If the patient suffers from a chronic Vertigo the doctors usually prescribe a drug that will reduce the water retention capacity of the body. This is because in chronic vertigo the excess fluid blocks the passage. In Meniere, the fluid release is so much that doctors need to undergo a surgery in severe cases. Sometimes, the surgery can be avoided by injections. Through these procedures, the crystals of the ear are repositioned to bring back the natural form of the inner ear.


Other preventive measures

Head or neck trauma can lead to vertigo and as per experts, there are no immediate signs in this case. A neck pain often is ignored as it cures within a few days. But, the effects might be seen as vertigo after some years. Make sure you get a good headrest and a proper posture that never allows your neck to strain. If an accidental slip causes you a hurt in the neck, get the treatment done to avoid unnecessary hassles at the later stage of life. In case of neck sprains, if it causes pain even after few weeks, make sure you do get a doctor to have a check if there are signs of cervical misalignments.




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