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Writer Amrita Pritam’s 100th Birthday, Google Doodle Pays Tribute

Google honours prominent writer Amrita Pritam’s 100th birthday with a Doodle.

Writer Amrita Pritam’s 100th Birthday, Google Doodle Pays Tribute

Prominent novelist, essayist, poet Amrita Pritam’s 100th birthday is celebrated by Google, the search engine pays tribute with a Google Doodle.

The Doodle illustration has a reference to Pritam’s autobiography, ‘Kaala Gulab’. 


Born in British-India’s Gujranwala, Punjab, 100 years ago, Amrita Pritam flourished as one of the eminent poets of the 20th century.

She contributed both in Hindi and Punjabi literature, and is considered as the first acclaimed woman Punjabi poet. 

Born as Amrit Kaur, the poet’s works were equally admired, both in India and Pakistan.

Amrita Pritam was known for her outspoken style, especially, giving the women of that time a voice through her literary works.

‘Pinjar’ (1950) her most noted work has also been adapted as a film. 

In 1956 Pritam received Sahitya Akademi Award for ‘Sunehadey’ and in 1982 Bhartiya Jnanpith Award, India's highest literary award, for Kagaj te Canvas. This distinguished poet was honoured by the Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and also, Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, India's highest literary award. 

Amrita Pritam passed away in the year 2005.

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