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Zeenat Aman Pens An Essay for Vogue India Where She Speaks about Life, Career And More

I didn t realise how much being able to publicly speak my own truths would delight me, noted Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman Pens An Essay for Vogue India Where She Speaks about Life, Career And More

Zeenat Aman has penned a fascinating essay for Vogue magazine where she gives us a peek into her magnificent life. She speaks about her career, fame, her “second innings” after she joined Instagram, her present life and the philosophy she lives by. She has graced the cover of Vogue India where looks glamorous. 

Zeenat expressed that she’s so much in control of fame now. Speaking of fame Zeenat said, “Sometimes, it has been a purring cat on my lap, and at others, a slavering wolf breathing down my neck. But now, it’s simply an animal that I can look in the eye. An eternally untameable companion that walks by my side.” 

She soon realised that “the world desired youth and beauty from women in the film industry. So I leveraged my looks, but I also chose roles that pushed the envelope. Still, there was far more interest in my face and figure than there ever was in my intellect. This is one reason that I have loved ageing—it has evened the scales.”

Though the actress had fun in her career and enjoyed stardom she soon craved for a family. 

 “I was aching for something of my own. A family, really. One with bonds as deep as the one I shared with my own mother”, she wrote. 

The ‘Qurbani’ actress is a hit on Instagram. Her profile will keep you hooked as the actress has a way with words. Her eloquence, poise and grace exudes in her write-ups. People are mesmerised by her captions, posts,write-ups, her usage of words, and anecdotes. She was initially hesitant to join Instagram. Her mind was engulfed with numerous questions such as who would run her account and doubts about her privacy. 

“People are going to love hearing from you. You’re Zeenat Aman!”, her son convinced her. 

“Then they brought in their friend Tanya to click some pictures of me at home, and voila, an Instagram account was born”, she revealed. 

So how does Zeenat spend her time these days? 

“My days are full. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family, pottering around the garden, fussing over my dog Lily, watching Netflix, catching up with friends, and thinking about my next Instagram post. Acting offers consistently pop up, but nothing has yet sparked my fancy and I am happy to wait for something that does. Meanwhile, being on the cover of Vogue India reminds me that life moves in circles. I started my career as a model, and here I am again at 70-plus”, the actress expressed in Vogue. 

Zeenat has left her followers with a meaningful and beautiful philosophy that she lives by. She said, “The nature of the world is transient. Fame, money, love, good times and bad—these will come and go. I found my inner mettle when I accepted this truth. The only thing that is in my control is my attitude. Life is just what you make of it, and mine has been magnificent.”