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10 Tech Gadgets You'll Need to Launch a Podcast

If this podcast is going to be a big deal in your life, then you need to start strategizing.

10 Tech Gadgets You'll Need to Launch a Podcast

You have an idea for a podcast and you know it’ll be a hit. You can’t wait to start recording and gaining tons of followers. You just don’t know exactly what you need to start. The great thing about podcasts is anyone can do one!

The bad thing about podcast is anyone can make one. So, you want a really good show or they’ve got more than enough options to choose from.

To make it good, you have to get some tech gear to put together something that sounds good. Your great material doesn’t mean anything if you sound horrible. Then you’ve got to edit it down to a digestible length that still sounds coherent.

It’s not going to be cheap, but you don’t have to blow your whole budget on the equipment. Just shop smart, but make sure you understand when to save and when to invest. If this podcast is going to be a big deal in your life, then you need to start strategizing.

1. Microphone

This is probably the most important thing you need. You can’t record a voice program without something to capture the audio.

My laptop has a microphone, is that good enough?

Not if you want anyone to listen.

Now you don’t need a top of the line, studio recording microphone. Not unless you’re intending to quit creating podcasts and moonlight as a pop singer. You do need something that won’t crackle or make you sound like you’re at the end of a long tube.

Bad audio will sink your podcast.

2. Editing Software

Your podcast is going to need to be edited. Unless you’re going to be streaming live, there really is no need to make your podcast contain everything you said. Especially when most of it is you just repeating the same thing trying to figure out what sounds best.

Use an editing software to get the audio down to a manageable level for the average consumer. Remember that when you’re starting, you don’t have any hardcore fans.

They don’t want to listen to you talk for 12 hours.

3. Audio Production Software

Don’t let it get to your head, you’re not a record producer. But you are a producer. So you need to learn what sounds good. Sometimes you’ll need to play with the audio to drown out annoying noises. Sometimes lowering the audio will make you sound smoother.

Turn up the bass a little to sound cool like you've always dreamt. Just don’t go too crazy with the voice editing. You’re not going to win any Grammys for your podcast.

4. A Good Laptop

If your computer is bad, you can’t put it together. It also has to have enough memory to handle the amount of audio and videos you’re going to be putting on it. Then it has to be able to upload it. On top of that, it has to be able to handle running your editing software.

Most basic computers should be able to handle most of it. A good computer is just going to do it faster and longer. If you’re serious about your podcast, this is essential.

5. Headphones

Unless you’ve got someone to edit for you, you’re the producer here. Make sure you have something decent to listen to yourself on. Some of the people who may listen to your podcast will have top of the line headphones.

While you don’t necessarily need that, you do need to know how your show is going to sound to them. What sounds passable on $5 headphones is not going to cut it in on $200 headphones.

6. Ethernet Cable

If you don’t want to spend roughly 12 years of your life waiting for one of your podcasts to load, invest in an ethernet cable. Your internet speed will skyrocket and you’ll still spend plenty of time waiting, that’s for sure.

You can use that time to spend on the things you’re neglecting while being hyper-focused on your show. Go take a nap!

7. Website

You need something to upload your podcast to. Podcasts aren’t like YouTube, where it asks as the host. You have to have your own location to host your RSS feed.

Plenty of websites around the internet will likely do it for you, but if you expect to be something, I’d get my own website. That way when it does take off and you have thousands of adoring fans, they can come to visit your site and buy your merch.

8. Business Email

If you do generate interest, people might want to work with you or for you. People may request to come as a guest on your hilarious podcast. If you get really popular, some brands may sponsor you in exchange for you just shouting out who they are.

If these people want to get in touch with you, grab a professional email and put it all over your website. Don’t ever give your personal email out in case you do get those fans.

9. Video Chatting

Some of your guests or people who pop in to make comments won’t be able to physically be there. Luckily with the magic of the Internet, you can still talk to them.

One of the bigger websites like Skype is probably your best bet, but you could hit Oovoo too. Whatever gets you to them and gets them on your show!

10. Microsoft Office

You likely already have this, which is great. You are going to need to plan out these podcasts. You don’t necessarily have to write full on scripts, but if you find that helpful, use Word. You might need to keep running Excel programs on production costs or guest lists.

You’ll end up doing a lot more planning and organizing than dreaming and doing. Podcasts are a lot of work. You need a rock solid business for them. You also need to do tons of virtual filing. But it’s so rewarding.