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7 Commandments of Content Marketing from the Experts’ Secret Diary

Content marketing strategy is a much talked about topic of 2018. You would need to play it properly to survive in this competitive market and build your authority.

7 Commandments of Content Marketing from the Experts’ Secret Diary

Content marketing strategy is just three simple words. However, with time and progress of the essentiality of digital marketing, these three simple words have turned into a complicated intersection. Today, this has transformed into a fusion of both art and science.

For the beginners content marketing strategy is a difficult proposition which is created from conflicting opinions and different disciplines.  This is why, most of the bloggers suffer from no traffic and rare engagement while they start blogging.

To make the best out of the content marketing activity, you would need to silence the noise. You would have to get rid of the clutter as well. It is important that you turn the noises and the flurry of creative ideas into elements of content marketing commandments.

There are mindsets, skill sets and the habits which can help you create the right content marketing strategy. These elements are sure to turn you into a successful blogger and help you survive in this cut throat world of competition.

So, what are the elements?

Surviving Algorithm Attack

The biggest enemy of content marketing activity is the algorithm. The moment you think that you have made it, that you have figured out the algorithm, it changes. This is the biggest problem which the bloggers and the content marketers face.

It affects everything from Facebook posts to the Google search. Being on the number one spot is one thing. Staying there for more than a day is another. So, what do you do to make your effort survive along with your brand?

Experts say, you can survive by being paranoid. You would have to keep your eyes on the changes that are taking place in the content marketing plans. Before you figure out what is a content marketing plan, you would need to know what is affecting the content marketing efforts.

If you think being paranoid does not serve you, you need to know a little fact. Few days ago long articles were being given priority. Now, it is the 1300 character articles that are getting more optimization boosts.

The only way you can survive is by monitoring each change and adopting the strategic changes.

Authority Building

Authority building is simple. You get your blog posts on big media, a well known newspaper and there you are in the middle of spotlight. However, the reality is not so simple. You have after all just getting started.

What you must know is – authority needs to be earned. There is no other way. You write one article at a time to build the author. The tribe that you are dreaming about will follow you one person at a time.

The SEO companies will promise number ranking from the next month. But, the truth is – you need to stick to it. You need to keep writing and keep sharing. What is known as thought leadership or influencing, cannot be earned with just a hit. It takes persistency and presence in different channels.

Measuring Things that Matter

Millions of followers and likes are good. These make people feel like a success. However, if the million followers is the only thing you earn through your blogging, you are going wrong. Vanity metrics only looks good on paper.

Then what should you chase when you are writing your posts? According to the experts, you need to follow three important metrics which matter. You need to chase traffic, you need to chase reach, you must chase sales or conversion.

The fusion of these three metrics ultimately brings success as an influencer.

Learning What Matters

The CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk used to read two books a day. He did not limit himself within the boundary of any topic. He read because it gave him pleasure.

Learning determines the difference between an average person and an extraordinary personality.

In 2018, you would have to offer quality and in-depth content to create your position in the world. This is why, the bloggers who have earned their share of fame through blogging advises to keep learning.

Using the Power of AI

Instead of fearing AI, it is important that you use the power of the artificial intelligence to increase your reach. You can use it for better customer satisfaction, better engagement and better customized experience.

You can use this tool to make your messages more human like.

Adhere to Content of Consequence

Out there you will find that everyone is fighting for attention. Content marketing activity is changing forms due to this. In this battle, content creation might look like a fruitless activity. This is why as a blogger, it is your responsibility to create contents that have the power to cut through.

So, what do you do in this case? You can use Facebook live. You can use Instagram for quick bout of reach. However, these are not the kind of contents which will give you the required authority.

You need to create content that comes with consequence. It is important that you do the deep work. You would have to create content which either builds relationships or solve a problem. Contents, that allow you to grow, are considered as the contents of consequence. Also, you would have to block out a time of the day to create your content.

Once the content is created, decide to share. This is the power of internet. You would have to choose to allow people to discover you.

Long Game

Bill Gates nailed the secret of success at the beginning of his career. He played the game in long term. Sustaining is the name of the game and you need to play it if you really want to succeed in content marketing strategy game.

Here also, experts will give you three important elements to stick to. You need to grow your email list. You need to grow your writing skill. You would have to improve your communication skill.

Lastly, you would have to optimize your content in different social media platforms. Also, you must remember to humanize your writing so that it can connect to the humans.

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