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A Beginners’ Guide for Increasing Web Traffic

Increasing traffic can be difficult. This is why you need to follow some rules. Here are some tips to generate web traffic and convert them too.

A Beginners’ Guide for Increasing Web Traffic

One thing is for sure, if you have a business, you would need a website. Additionally, if you have a website, you would need traffic. There is simply no way around it.

However, when you are attempting to increase web traffic, you need to understand one very important fact. You cannot depend on the numbers alone. The web traffic analysis tools look for quality rather than quantity.

Along with numbers, you need to have visitors who would help in your business growth. So, here the quest is not to increase web traffic, the quest is to – increase the number of traffic which can later be converted into positive leads.

The beginners stumble on this step. They fail to use right strategy to increase web traffic. Also, they fail to get traffic that can be converted. This is why we have come up with this beginners’ guide to assist the beginners on their quest of increasing web traffic.

The success of increasing web traffic depends on some basic factors.

Fundamental concept

Core priorities

Effective web traffic generating strategy

Fundamental Concept

Frankly, web traffic refers to any person who comes to visit your website. This can be human beings who are coming to your website or the robots that are visiting the web page. You simply cannot restrict anyone from visiting your website. This is why adhering to traffic number can be a mistake.

The marketers usually pay attention to the human visitors, yet, they should be paying attention to the bots as well. These computer generated programs roam the websites for some reason. So, you cannot simply ignore or restrict these programs from visiting your website.

When you are creating effective web traffic strategy, you must remember that Google bot is a computer generated program as well. You need this program to visit your website time and again for various reasons. In case Google bot does not get to visit your website, you can safely bid adios to the free web traffic that other websites generate. Therefore, even computer generated programs are effective at times.

However, this does not mean you will allow any bot to roam your website. These bots can be dangerous as they can cause significant harm to your brand value. The risk grows with the popularity of the brand. This is why you must be careful when you are creating a strategy to increase web traffic.

So, you need to analyze the traffic generating source first. You need to explore different platforms from where the human visitors are coming.

Organic Web Traffic Source

The problem is – there are countless sources from where human traffic can be generated. It can be a tweet or a Facebook post or maybe a chat message. you need to treat the web traffic as marketing channel.

Once you have identified the web traffic generating channels, you will be able to create your web traffic generating strategy with ease.

Organic traffic is the first on the list. These are the visitors who come from organic web searches.

Paid web traffic is the second most popular kind of traffic. Unlike the organic traffic, you would have to pay for this.

Display traffic is not that famous, yet, you must know about this. The visitors come from display advertising.

Referral traffic comes from clicking links from other web pages.

Direct traffic is the most difficult one to trace. This traffic comes from directly typing your web address.

Traffic Measuring Strategy

To make your web traffic generating strategy effective, you need to know about the people who are visiting your website. You also need to know how long these people are staying. Also, you need to know the source of the traffic.

The best tool which can help you measure the web traffic is Google analytics. To create an effective strategy to increase your web traffic, you must use the power of Google analytics.

If you are not using this tool, it is essential that you get it installed right away. Without Google analytics, you will not be able to measure the traffic.

Core Priorities

The web traffic strategy can be taken down to some basic objectives – quality of traffic, the links and the click rate.

Whatever strategy you create must contribute to these three aspects. In case, the strategy does not enrich these three aspects, your effort will not yield the desired result. So, when you are getting started with web traffic increasing strategy, you need to focus on the target audience.

Who is the right visitor? Finding this out should be the first priority. This is crucial for you.

There are some aspects of the customers’ which you need to find out. You need to find out the goals and the objectives of the web visitors. Why are they coming to visit your website?

Additionally, you need to find out the social platforms where these people spend their free time.

Once you know these two key factors, you need to find out the age, lifestyle and location of the visitors. This will help you know what to offer to these people. Also, you will be able to find out the pain points of these people.

The second priority should be able to create effective content promotion strategy. For this you need two essential elements – users’ data and right keywords. If you are wondering about the essentiality of content marketing, you must know that this is the best way to generate leads. Also, this is the most cost effective way.

Content marketing when done right, can increase the number of traffic. It can also increase the number of leads. In fact, content marketing is more effective than paid traffic campaign.

Content marketing is also known to drive up the conversion rate. Right content can generate awareness, offer right solution and promote skill.

Effective web traffic generating strategy

To create an effective strategy for web traffic, you need to first identify the contents that are working well. Additionally, you need to work hard to make the content better. Longer contents work better than the short ones. So, make sure to offer as much information as you can.

Lastly, content topic selection is essential. Make sure to select the relevant topics for your content promotion strategy.

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