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Writing Compelling Meta Description for High Ranking – Guide for the Beginners

Learn to write effective Meta description. Here are some pointers which can help understand the essentiality of Meta description.

Writing Compelling Meta Description for High Ranking – Guide for the Beginners

SEO can be difficult to understand. The moment you think you have figured it all out, the process might change. The fact is – Google changes its algorithm every year. To keep pace with the changes, you need to adhere to the constant optimization process.


Only constant SEO creates the path towards high ranking. There are some aspects of SEO which will remain unchanged. This means by focusing on these aspects, you can acquire high search engine ranking.


Meta description is that area of SEO which will remain the same. If you focus on Meta Description and try to improve it, you will be able to get high search engine ranking even in this competitive world.


Meta description has always been an essential part of SEO. This is not going to change anytime soon. So, to leverage this essential element of SEO, you need to learn to write compelling Meta Descriptions.


Compelling Meta description can help you get a search engine ranking boost and will help you hold on to the ranking for a long time.


Before getting started with the method of writing Meta description, let’s have a look at the importance of this SEO tool.


Why Meta Description is Important


Meta descriptions work as the definitions of the contents that get published on the webpage. The fact is – if you don’t create a Meta description for your content, the search engine will generate one for your website.


Experts discourage the bloggers and the marketers to allow search engine generated Meta description to appear on the search result. This automated description will not be as good as the description which you will write.


You need to understand that every single page of a website should contain the metadata. At the time of optimization, this data is going to help your website gain high ranking.


When you are getting started with Meta description writing, you need to understand that every aspect of Meta description does not make a difference in SEO.


In fact, a few months ago Google has stated that the keyword of Meta description does not affect the search result. However, Meta description when combined with URL, title, and keywords, can affect the SEO effort immensely.


One important fact is – Google does not really care what is displayed on a website. Google wants to know whether the website makes the readers happy. So, how your website will perform in search engine ranking, depends greatly on the visitors’ behavior.


Users experience decides how the users are going to behave. Meta description plays an essential role in improving users’ experience.


So, let’s begin with the length of the Meta description.


Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to the Character Count


Recently Google has changed the character limitation. If you explore, you will find countless articles written on this issue. Experts have tried to find out the effect of this change on SEO. It has been an essential move.


So, now if you focus on the word count of the Meta description alone, you will ruin the SEO effort. Once again with this update, Google has given users’ behavior the priority.


Therefore, instead of focusing on the character count, you need to focus on the content. You must pay attention to the quality of the content now. Through multiple studies, experts have found that the long Meta descriptions perform better than the shorter ones.


The Meta descriptions that are more than 320 characters are getting high search engine ranking. The overall click rate improves due to long Meta description as well.


Interesting Content


It pays to be wise and interesting when you are creating your Meta description. An average Meta description will not help you get a lot of clicks and engagement.


So, you need to innovate ways to impress people with your Meta description. How will you do that?


There are some tricks which you can use to create the Meta description which will attract the attention of the visitors. Given below is a list of tricks which can help you create compelling Meta description.

  • Don’t be boring
  • Use active voice
  • Don’t use unrequired information
  • Description must match the web page content
  • Add call to action
  • Talk to the people
  • Talk less about yourself


These pointers can help you write a compelling description which will help your website get high ranking in the search engine result. Remember that your objective of writing the Meta description should be to evoke interest. You should have a unique approach when you are writing the Meta description.


Use Keywords


It is essential that you pay attention to the keyword density when you are creating the content. But, you need to use the right keyword to enrich your Meta description. Not including keywords in the description can be a mistake.


Since you use keywords to your blog posts and your articles, there is no reason not to put them in your Meta description. Nothing will help the search engine to notice your website faster than the Meta description and the keyword used in the description.


You can include the keyword in your description to tell Google what your content is all about. For this, you can use some WordPress plugins. Yoast SEO Plugin is a famous tool which can help you with the keyword use.


This tool can make the process of keyword implementation easy. You will only have to see that the keywords are used naturally in your content. If you can ensure this, your Meta description will perform better than the past.


Yoast WordPress does not only help with keyword implementation, it notifies the users about the keyword performance as well. If you don’t use focused keywords, the tool will tell you. Therefore, this is a handy tool which you can use to create effective descriptions of contents.


Lastly, with time the importance of Meta description is increasing. This is why so many articles and blog posts are being written in this area of SEO alone. Meta description can improve the overall user experience. This is why – you need to learn to craft the right description. Search engine takes Meta description seriously. So, don’t ignore it.

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