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An Effective Worksheet to Launch Your SaaS Business

Learn how you can launch a SaaS product successfully. The idea is to test the ground at the initial stage. Here are few tips to get started.

An Effective Worksheet to Launch Your SaaS Business

If you are looking forward to launch a SaaS business, first you need the right strategy. Yes, the first step of launching any business is an effective strategy.

It is true that launching a SaaS business takes a lot of effort. You need to show a lot of dedication and commitment if you want to make the launch a grand event. The harsh fact is – if you launch the SaaS product and sit back hoping to get sign ups, you will be really disappointed.

The product that you are going to launch is nothing but a part of the launching project. You would need more than just a product. You would need a solid business launching strategy to get leads and convert the leads.

So, what do you do before you launch your SaaS business? How do you strategize the SaaS business?  This is an important question and we have the answer.

Customer Onboarding

Your SaaS product might be simple. However, that does not mean you will neglect the promotional aspect. You would have to make an effort to promote the SaaS product so that you get people to register for your app. Once you get people to your app, you will be able to turn them into paying customers. So, when you are creating the app, you need to make sure that the app is easy to use.

It must allow people to sign up without too many complications. You would need to display an attractive welcome screen. This will make people want to explore your app. Also, you need to tell people what to expect from your product. A quick product tour will be a great way to get started. You can offer an overview of the top features of your app. The users will be able to get an idea about the app.

Test the Product

The best way to attract people to your product is by releasing a snippet. This is going to be the first version of the product you want to sale. There are countless ways to launch a first version of SaaS product.

You need to go through several testing sessions if you really want to launch the product right. The test result will show you the loose ends. You will be able to quickly tie them up for the final launch.

Once you have tested and tied the loose ends, you need to seek feedbacks from the people, you think will be interested in your product. It is important that you find only those people who might have use for your product.

This is going to help you get an unbiased view of the product. Some marketers launch a sign up page before launching the product. Some even launch the page before they even start planning the product launch. This is an effective way to get useful users onboard before the product even sees the light of the day.

After the page is launched, create a community which will help you spread the words out.

Give it for Free – Initially

This might surprise you, but, it is important that you get as many people to register to your app as you can. An effective product launch tactic is to give out the app for free at the beginning stage.

True, it is tempting to ask for a fee. True, you are trying to make money. However, you need to understand that charging the customers at the initial stage is not a good idea.

First thing – people will not be willing to pay for something they have not used. Once they get a taste of it they are going to pay willingly. Second – if you are going to charge your customers, you will end up delaying the launch. This is because you will need to tie up with a bank or some kind of financial institution. This procedure takes a long time. So, when you are getting started, make sure to give out the product for free.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media promotion is unavoidable. If you want your SaaS product to make money, you need to get people to know about your product. For this social media is required. You would have to follow some rules if you really want to sale your SaaS product.

First thing to do is creating a Facebook business page. Here you will get right audience no matter what type of product you are selling.

Make sure to use 3 social media platforms when you are getting started. Managing them all takes a lot of time. Also fewer social media profiles will give the chance to understand your customers better.

A Twitter page is also important. Here you can share the current news regarding your product. This will keep nudging the people and evoke their interest about your SaaS product.

Don’t forget a LinkedIn page when you are launching the product. Here you can get B2B networking.

Set Your Product Up for Feedback

Well, this is important as without feedback you will not be able to make the right progress. So, create a mechanism to get regular feedbacks.

What you need to understand is – at the beginning stage every business lacks some important features. Yours too will lack a lot in many aspects. In such a situation, you need users’ feedback to fix the problems.

Rather than creating a feedback process, you need to buck up yourself for communication. This will not only let you know about the issues with your product, this will help you create a bonding with your customers as well. If you create the communication channel right, you will be able to turn the users into loyal customers with time.

Give Your Product a Voice

Nothing gives a product or a business a unique other than a blog. A website will let people know about your services and your skill. However, to increase your customer base, you need to go beyond the promotional pitching. You need to showcase your knowledge and engage people. For this a blog is essential. Don’t forget to attach a blog to your website for better promotional scoop.

Lastly, email marketing and analytics are the two major elements of any business. Don’t forget create separate strategies for these two.

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