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Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy with the Help of Native Advertising

Native ads are one of the most effective tools which can get you the desired click rate. Here is what you need to know about these ads.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy with the Help of Native Advertising

In 2018, the marketers are about to spend around $8 billion for native advertisement. This is one of the digital marketing trends of 2018. The reason for this uproar is native advertisement’s power to lead to better click rate. It can bring more leads as well. For improved digital marketing result and engagement native advertisement is going to be the in thing this year.

However, before we get into the tips and ways of using native advertisement, let’s have a look at the definition. What is native advertisement?

Native Advertisement Decoded

Native advertisement refers to the contents that read like natural contents. These represent the user experience. Because these are non-disruptive these attract people’s attention better than any other type of advertisement.

Any native advertisement should reflect certain traits.

  • Native ads are paid for

  • These are like normal contents

  • These are actually sponsored content

There are different types of native advertisements. The experts say that even though the forms and types of the advertisement vary, this is one of the fastest growing aspects of marketing.

So, why native advertisements work?

Everyone is wondering about the functionality of native advertisement. Why do they work? Studies reveal that the ads do the job of attracting attention skilfully. The mobile users consider native ads as an effective way of brand exposure.

It has been seen that by using native ads, the marketers could get high purchase rate. Native ads are more effective than the banners.

The web visitors say that they look for product information in the content. They are not really interested in ads.

If you compare native ads with traditional ads, you will see that the ads provide much higher click rate.

Even the consumers say that they share native ads on their social media profiles.

Here are some reasons for native advertisements to work.

These are Targeted

Native ads are crafted for the particular reader base. These people are the ones who visit websites or read contents on apps. With native advertisement the marketers narrow down their customer base. They target the specific readers and attempts to turn these readers into effective leads.

These Don’t Disrupt

No one likes advertisements. However, this is the most effective way of letting people know that a product is being launched, or, make people aware of the products being sold in the market. This is why advertisements are regarded as essential parts of the digital marketing strategy.

To connect with the readers, native advertisement emerged out. Now, this is one of the most effective digital marketing trends of 2018. These ads usually blend with the contents. This is why the readers don’t take these as advertisements. Higher trust is gained through native advertisement due to this reason.

You Simply Cannot Ignore These

The fact is native advertisement attracts better attention than traditional advertisements. Though readers and users have successfully ignored the traditional advertisements, they cannot turn blind eyes to this type of advertisements.

Readers Cannot Block These Ads

This is another reason native ads are being considered as one of the greatest digital marketing trends of 2018. The fact is readers can block out the traditional ads. However, the native ads cannot be blocked. This is why the readers sit through the ads.

Native advertisement is the solution which readers not only cannot ignore, they seem to like it as well.

So, now the question is – what are the trending ads in the market

While talking about digital marketing trends of 2018, it is normal to try to have a look at the trending aspect of native advertisement.

The Trends

The fact is – native advertisement is not a new concept. This is something which has been around for a long time. However, in the recent years the popularity of the native advertisement has increased.

There are some trending ads which are taking the market by storm. Let’s have a look at this.


Well, mobile apps are the flourishing factors of this generation. The marketers of this generation need to create app based strategies when they are creating digital marketing plans. This is not an option anymore. This is more of a necessity.

Keeping this rise in mind, the experts are predicting that the mobile app native advertisement, will be taking over the market soon. Most of the advertisement space will be captured by the native advertisements. The app ads are the most focused area of the advertisement because, it has been seen that the people don’t visit the websites any more. They rather get information through apps. Keeping this in mind creating app advertisement has become the most effective way of reaching out to the people.

Virtual Reality

Now, this is the developing trend of 2018. It is being predicted that by 2020, VR is going to capture the total market. This is why it is practical to make native ads in VR. In fact many companies are doing it for the sake of better promotion.

It is true that when it comes to advertisement, the virtual realm will be more convincing than the world that traditional ads create. VR can come up with better solution than the traditional advertisement.

Contents Created by the Users’

Customers don’t trust the copies that the brands are generating. They are looking for more authenticity. This is why marketers are opting for reader generated contents for their promotion. The reader generated contents are being used in different forms, including social media contents, surveys, polls and reviews.

So, how can you make effective native ads?

Making Native Ads

To make effective native ads, it is important to know the people you are creating the advertisement for. You must begin with the problems that your customers are facing. Once you know what they are facing, you will be able to create right solution for them. If you can convince the customers that you have the solution of their problems, you are sure to get the desired authority. Also, you need to evoke interest through your advertisement. This is why you must invest time in creating the ads.

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