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Fill out Your Editorial Calendar with these Content Ideas

When in doubt you can refer to these types of contents. These have the potential to attract both attention and traffic.

Fill out Your Editorial Calendar with these Content Ideas

Content marketing strategy is one of the ruling parts of digital marketing. In fact, some marketers claim that content marketing is the only effective marketing one can opt for. Therefore, with time the importance of effective content is increasing.

However, for the bloggers withstanding the pressure of producing new ideas every day is becoming a challenge. Following trends works as long as there is some trending topic to elaborate. This, however, will not stand well with the marketers. So, what do you do when you are up against the demand of producing something new each day? What do you do when you are expected to write articles or blog posts to generate traffic every day, seven days a week?

You can use a content marketing calendar tool to help you keep track of the content topics which you are writing. However, that does not solve the problem of coming up with a brand new topic every day, right? Well, to be frank you need to a planner if you really want to produce something good and unique each time you turn on your computer.

So, what does traffic generating content look like? Also, in what form do they come?

List It

Buzzfeed has mastered the art of list content. They produce something unique every day using this list. They understood that list is one of the most effective types of content that can generate a lot of traffic. If you are running an online magazine, this can be the success formula.

How To

Well, this is another quick success formula which you can use for blogging success. The best thing about this type of content is – you can allow your technical side to come out time and again while writing how to contents. You would not have to be on your literary garb all the time while writing this type of content. Wiki-how has shown that an entire website can be created and operated successfully based on how to contents only.

How to contents are considered to be evergreen contents that can be used time and again for different purposes.


This type of content is written to offer information in details. When dome right, such contents can work as power tools for the magazines or the blogs. These are the details driven contents which can offer in-depth insight of an event. Such contents have the power to explain why something has come to existence. Also, it can give rise to a little controversy which sometimes successfully leads to quick traffic generation.  

Case Studies

This is what makes content writing a little easy. Here you don’t have to generate a topic, you just have to do in-depth research. You will be able to tell others stories in your own language. Also, you will be able to tell the story of your assistance to the customers’ need by telling these stories. These can be influential when done right. This is why, you need to write case studies when you are out of ideas for better topic or nothing seems to be trending anywhere.


Have you ever tried writing any blog post in a quote? If no, then you should try now. There are countless quotes out there. Each comes with new insight and prospect of exploring to the depth. You can create a quote post as well, if you are not really in the right mind to write anything.

Make sure to explore the blogs of the influencers of your domain. This will give you an idea about the kind of quotes which are trending in the market. Once you have scooped out a handful of quotes, you can create posts on them. Either you can write one large post on one of the quotes or you can use all the quotes to create a detailed post.

Demo Contents

This can be turned into a tutorial of your product. You can create video contents for this. Video contents are amazing when it comes to attracting the attention of the people. People love demo contents when they come in the form of video. This is why recently all the large companies are using this type of content to reach more people.


There is no doubt that reviews work. If you are in doubt and out of the ideas, you can review a product for the purpose of attention attracting. What kind of product should you review? The answer is simple – if you don’t want to review your own product, you can always review some product that resonates with your own line of work.

Comparison Contents

These can be effective when done right. If you are looking for a little controversial touch, this is something you can use. The comparison and versus contents have the power to generate a lot of traffic.


If you are running magazine you need to focus on this, no matter what industry you are dealing with. Even if you are running a lifestyle magazine, you need to pay attention to the trending events of the industry. You will have to focus on the beauty products that are getting launched. You need to pay attention to the beauty pageants that are getting organized. You will have to monitor the happening events of the industry as well.

Breaking news works, but the problem with this type of content is – after sometimes this loses momentum.

The Rants

As you already know that nothing sells better than controversy, you can always scoop up some rants from your industry and write about it. The art is in taking a shot at the traditional belief and twist it around. However, there is one word of warning – don’t make it a habit to write such posts. These can have negative effect on your career.


If you go for a quick social media strategy 2018 prediction search, you will find how effective such contents can be. There are thousands of people looking for predictions in their own domain. You need to cover this up if you want quick traffic.

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