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Getting Positive Customer Reviews – A Brief Guide to Get Started

Have a strategy to get positive reviews. Even the big brands adhere to customer review strategy. Here are some pointers for the business owners.

Getting Positive Customer Reviews – A Brief Guide to Get Started

Getting 5 star customer rating is not easy. Anyone who is into marketing knows this. However, anyone with the digital marketing skill knows that rating and review both matter in the promotion process.

Buyers don’t trust the copy that the brands are publishing. They believe other customers and their experiences. This is why if you want to survive in e-commerce business or any business for the matter, you need to make a plan for getting more positive customer review.

One important fact which you must remember is – even if people don’t pay attention to the good reviews, they surely pay attention to the bad ones. This is the reason sometimes 1 star rating gets more attention than the 5 star ratings. A bad review can ruin your effort of marketing.

If this worries you, experts have got good news to share with you. Even though Google shows rating and reviews when someone searches for your business, you must know that the quality of the reviews can be controlled. This piece of wisdom is not known to everyone.

You just have to know how to control the reviews to be able to get more positive reviews which will propel your business forward.

Quick Facts to Enrich Your Knowledge

Reviews have amazing effect on your Google page ranking. The number of the reviews, the velocity of the reviews and the diversity of the reviews can impact your business rating on the search engine. So, now the question will be how to get positive review from customers?

We will get there in a minute.

It is essential for the marketers to remember that both the positive and negative reviews have their value in the world of digital marketing. The reviews help the customers or the potential clients to decide where they should go or where they should not go. With the customers’ review you must make it a point to ensure that you are on the positive side of the list.

So, the secret of getting the right review is to approach the right reviewer. Also, you must make sure to pop the right question.

There are businesses that have disabled the comment or review portion. This does not help in brand expansion. If people cannot see the bad things about your brand, they cannot see the positive things about your brand either.

Therefore, don’t be scared of the bad review. You just need to go about it and see what you can accomplish through positive reviews.

Know Thy Customers

Well, yes, you need to know your customers. By saying this we don’t mean you should know about their age group and lifestyle. Of course, you should know about these.

But, more importantly, you need to know their desire. What do they want from a brand similar to yours? Also, you need to find out about the pain points. If your customers had a bad experience which they might share online, you need to be prepared for that too.

How to Get 5 Star Review

So, first thing’s first, to get 5 star review, you need to offer 5 star service. You need to offer your customer the best product or the service that will win their hearts. There is no way around it. If you fail here, no tactic can help you get the 5 star reviews.

Target people you know – Well, this is the easiest way to get 5 star review. You need to use your personal influence. You need to reach out to the people whom you know personally and try to get them give you a 5 star review. This is the first step of building the foundation.

Follow up – You must have a constant follow up strategy. You need to create this strategy to reach out to the people who have recently acquired your service. These are the people who know you and also remember your brand. You would not have to introduce yourself here. So, you can simply reach out and ask them for reviews or 5 star rating.

You need to understand that you must have a constant follow up system. It is important because people would agree to offer the review but then they usually forget. You need to remember that they don’t have any obligation towards your brand. This is why you need to keep reminding them to leave reviews.

Show off – Yes, here you need to have a show off attitude. If you have positive reviews, you must make it a point to show them off. You need to show people that your service is good enough to get 5 star reviews from people. So, you need to add the links of the reviews to your business cards and other products that you are using to promote your business.

Use your team – To get positive reviews you need to get the help of your entire team. The entire team should know when to ask for the review or the rating. This way you will be able to spread your wings.

Dealing with negative reviews – Unhappy customers are parts of any business. There will be negative reviews and you need to accept this fact. Also, you must have a plan to deal with the negative reviews before you even get started with the promotion. The best way to deal with the negative reviews is by – acknowledging them carefully. You must have a plan to compensate the unhappy customers. However, don’t ever try to offer them compensation on public platform. Make sure to do it privately and try to get a positive review from the unhappy customer as well.

Lastly, getting positive reviews can help your business. However, you must make the right effort to keep the positive reviews flowing. There are some important aspects to pay attention to.

You must write down all the promises that your brand has made to the people. This should be referred when you are promoting your product or service. Also, don’t forget to write down the ways using which you can approach the customers for review.

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