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Google Turns 21 with This Cute Doodle, Can You Find the Date of Birth Hiding Here?

The search engine giant Google has turned 21 years young today, and the celebration wouldn’t have been complete without a Doodle! But can you find its real date of birth hiding in the Doodle?

Google Turns 21 with This Cute Doodle, Can You Find the Date of Birth Hiding Here?

Where’s the party tonight? Pretty blatantly, you can ask this question to Google today! After all, the big fat birthday it is and you can’t simply cut it loose without asking for a celebration! Google has turned 21 receiving lots of love, appreciations, complaints over the years, across the globe!

Happy Birthday Google!

It has become a trend for Google, which likes to observe the important days internationally with its unique Google Doodle. And it would be quite absurd, not to have a Doodle for Google itself, especially if it is its very birthday!

And there you go:

The illustration, as you can see, is of a heavy-built classic white monitor with a wired keyboard, just what we used to work on back in the 90s. The composition has been kept blurry, possibly to capture the mood of the olden days. 

But have you been able to spot the birthdate, that has been given in the Doodle itself?

Well, look closely towards the bottom right corner, ‘98 9 27, the subscript is Google’s original date of birth. However, Google has an official foundation day, marked on September 4, 1998. Larry Page are Sergey Brin are the founders of this American multinational technology company.

Currently, Sundar Pichai is the acting CEO of Google LLC, the second-largest internet company in the world, in terms of revenue.

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