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How Can You Strike Balance between Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Print and digital marketing when combined together can do wonder for your brand. This is why you need to know how to create a fusion of these two. Here are some pointers for you.

How Can You Strike Balance between Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns

In this digital year, print marketing strategy might seem like an ancient history which has no value at all in this age. However, this is a wrong approach. The fact is, print is still in. Also, you must know that print still holds the power to change the way you operate your business.

Even though digital promotion has captured the market by storm, the digital marketing agencies now are waking up to the benefits of printed promotional items including magazines and brochures.

In this blog post, we are going to explore the possibilities which the print marketing offers. We will also try to strike a balance between the print and digital marketing campaigns to find out how the fusion can help your business grow.

Why Print Marketing is Important

Yes, before jumping into the ways to strike the right balance between the two ends of marketing campaigns, let’s have a look at why print marketing is important in this era?

Print Marketing is Personal

Well, print marketing comes with a personal touch. When you send out a letter or a brochure to your clients, you make them feel special. This is like handwritten letters which still hold importance in human life.

Print Attracts Attention

Printed items like magazines or brochures come with the sense of class. These look more professional as well. This is why, when you are trying to make an impression, you should always opt for some printed items to augment your marketing campaigns.

Print can be Savored

Yes, you can display the printed items and savor the possession for a long time. This is why companies still print yearly diaries. They still create planners for their employees. They still send out printed cards to the clients.

Now, let’s see how you can attach print and digital marketing.

Combining Print and Digital Marketing  

It is true that creating a campaign where print and digital marketing strategy complement one another can be a difficult task. You would need to explore different resources to see how you can leverage print marketing.

Since people love to receive free gifts, you can promote your printed goodies to the social media groups. Here you can offer the printed item to get people subscribe for your company’s newsletter.

This way you can tempt people to participate in your contest. You can offer them the printed gifts and lure them to subscribe for a contest.

Social Media Promotion

If you are planning to launch a printed marketing for a product or a service, you need to use social media for promoting the marketing campaign. This is going to be a two way campaign. People will get to know about your printed marketing campaign that you are going to launch through social media. They will also come to know about the product that you are offering.

Your social media profiles will get attention too if you can pull this off properly. If you explore the marketing strategies properly, you will see that companies promote everything on their social media pages. They release the hoardings on social media, posters and even give sneak peeks of brochures they are going to launch.

Right CTA

So, you think call to action works for social media only? Well, the experts say that you are wrong in thinking that. In fact call to action works really well when it comes to print media.

You can create some interesting call to actions for the print materials. By adding the call to actions to your printed materials, you can lure people to visit your website or your blog.

Some companies add special codes to encourage people to visit their websites. Fashion brands do this well, they announce special discount on online purchase through magazine ads or hoardings. These usually make people visit their websites or blogs for more information about the discounts.

The same way they announce special offers on their website and encourage people to visit their retail stores.

So, you can see that print and digital marketing can be a successful crossover when you are trying to promote something. The crossover can work its wonder when you use it carefully.

Adding Social Media Reviews

This is another way of attracting people to your brand. Digital marketing costs money. This also calls for hard work. This is why you should not restrict the positive comments and reviews to social media only.

When you are printing a brochure or a magazine, you should include the social media reviews to the printed items as well. This will give the buyers an idea about what others are saying about your product or your service.

The experts say that when you are adding social reviews to your printed marketing items, you are offering a social proof of being everywhere. Once the buyers see that you are on social media, they are sure to visit your social media pages.

Campaign Hashtags

Well, this is another important element of marketing. Hashtags are like social reviews. Through printed hashtags, you can funnel the marketing channels and expand your brand value.

In fact, the marketing experts claim that when you combine the social hashtags with the call to action, you create a powerful promotional campaign. Together these two marketing elements can encourage people to visit your website. When done right these two can evoke people’s interest about your brand.

There are many brands out there who have successfully used call to action with hashtags.

The Problems in Print Marketing

Print marketing is powerful. There is no doubt about it. However, there are some mistakes which people end up making when using this one. They launch print materials without double checking the formats and spellings.

Remember that such materials will not do anything positive for your brand value. This is why be careful when you are launching something in print.

Lastly, the main problem with print is tracking the traffic. You will not be able to understand how the people are coming to your platform. This is why, when you are creating a print marketing strategy, make sure to create a feedback acquiring strategy as well.

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