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How to Make People Spend More Time on Your Content

Getting the audience engaged with your content can be a difficult thing if you are not aware of some simple tricks and strategies. Check out the expert tips here.

How to Make People Spend More Time on Your Content

Publishing anything under the sun for the sake of filling a page, no more works. You cannot be immature with your content type, presentation and simply say anything that is boring and irrelevant. Information is everywhere all over the internet. Among that, you have to give that information that’s new, fresh and attractive.

Creating an engaging content is thus no more about running ads and get a few likes and shares. The audience in the digital medium is aware of digital marketing and won’t get engaged if you are not providing anything meaningful to them. Content marketing might have got certain platforms, tools, and strategies but in a study, it was found that on an approx. rate only 5% is actual engagement out of 300% of marketing. Experts say that people don’t read these days. If the look is good, and the topic is of their interest, they stay in your page. You have to be patient and quick at the same time. You have to be patient till the audience grows interest over the page and they rest there for a read. The trial of patience ends there and you need to be quick next. Within the next few seconds, you have to attract the audience that will make them take the complete journey through the end of the page. Experts say the first 20-30 seconds are crucial and if the reader remains on the page up to that time, it is likely considered that the page has got a true reader. Yes, it’s that difficult to grab the attention.

Content marketers thus need to focus on the following areas:

•    Know about the customer demands

•    Take care of the audience engagement

•    Pass through the journey of a buyer

There is no magic wand which will help you in creating content that will engage leaders. Here are some smart strategies that might help you in making a relevant content.

Plan a visual treat

Visual is not just about the images that you provide with the content. The word count is also an important thing in terms of content. If the content looks too much wordy, the readers will definitely take a U-turn from your content no matter what is the quality. So the most basic question is what is the ideal word count? There is no point in discussing such a relative fact as experts think that there is no such rule and winning formula for content. It clearly depends on the website and the audience that will come to the website.

Break up

No, we are not referring a heartbreak. Break your content rather than shortening it. Crisp content is good but you have to be smart when you need to give a lot of information and still make it look good. Adding images in the break is somewhat like an eye soothing element for people who are getting bored with words. The image will also give a clearer picture of the things discussed and hold the interest of the readers to continue to the next part. Adding images also add to the conversion rates and have the chances of increasing the number of shares. The choice of images is another important thing. Generic images are for general view and won’t work on the purpose of holding the attention of the users. The image should speak and must be powerful enough to connect the readers with the content.

Everyone loves hearing a story

Not everything that is serious must be stated as a lecture in the classroom. People are not there to read your content considering you as a professor. They need answers or the same tone that will help them connect a bond with the write-up. Images do tell stories and the write up along the image is like a guide giving you information that will excite you in your exploration.

While creating a visual impact, you should not forget the ethos of your brand. Tell a story the way your audience will love to hear and will someway connect your brand or speak about the views your brand believes in.

Add the magic of motion

The quick answer to motion is videos.

In a study, it has been found out that on average pages that have video content, have the 2.6x capacity of holding the attention of viewers.

Experts think that this video mode of content marketing is not much in use because there is a concept that it is time taking and a great financial punch. But experts say it is much simpler with the high quality of videos that are now recorded in mobile phones. All you need is a concept and a little editing and you are good to go.

Types of videos that will work

•    Instructional videos which are popularly known as how to do videos. The next time you plan for a blog that is giving certain instructions, make sure you add the same instructions in the form of video.

In case, you are sharing a recipe, take a video of the entire cooking process. Whether one is interested in cooking or not, there is hardly anyone who does not like to see a cake is being baked in the oven. And when you get a foodie watch that video, mark the words, the person can even smell the flavor. By now you must have a clear idea why videos are important.

•    Upload success and updates through videos as it gives a clear picture of the numbers that you are trying to flaunt.

•    Share tips and hack videos. Experts say that not all will be applied in daily life. But people are always interested to know newer way of doing mundane things.

The most important thing is getting the right shares with a tag. Memes are popular these days as through tags it is possible to share the humor with a large group of the audience without even targeting those people. At the end of the day, it the audience that makes or throws the waste.

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