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Is Your Marketing Campaign Hurting Your Digital Security and Safety

The recent hacking incident of Burger King’s Twitter profile once again gives rise to the question – how secured your social profiles are. Here is a quick look at the things which can go wrong.

Is Your Marketing Campaign Hurting Your Digital Security and Safety

Successful digital marketing campaign can be beneficial for your business. It has the capacity to increase reach, engagement and conversion. However, there is a downside of successful digital marketing campaign. Your company’s digital security and safety can be compromised due to the campaign.

It has been seen that the more you solidify your presence online, the greater will be the risk of getting hacked. It is the highly popular profiles which get targeted by the hackers.

This is not a way to scare people. But, data theft is a reality which you need to be aware of. So, before you can look for the right digital security solution, you need to first have a look at what exposes your company profile to the risk of data theft.

Social Media and Data Theft

Well, you cannot ignore social media in this era. You must have a social presence to reach out to the potential customers. However, this tool also risks your data security and safety.   

However, here you need to understand that most of the data theft events take place due to human errors. There are countless incidents where an insider posted something important by mistake and exposed the entire company’s digital security at risk.

A documentation type guide can help the employees craft the contents they are posting on social media. Referring to this guide, the employees will be able to understand what kind of contents they should be posting on social media. Remember that one small mistake on social media can lead to a lasting impact. Entrusting only a handful of employees with your company’s social media accounts will be helpful as well.

Well, an employee will not cause the damage a hacker will cause you. It has happened recently to Burger King. The Twitter account of the brand has been hacked. The hacker redesigned the Twitter account of Burger King like McDonald’s. Additionally, the hacker decided to post brand damaging tweets as well. Finally Burger King was forced to suspend the account.

The digital security experts said that weak password had been the reason of this hacking. Therefore, don’t adhere to common passwords like 12345. If you are raising your eyes in mockery, let us tell you that more than 50 percent of people actually use common passwords for their social media accounts.

So, what are these passwords?   

Apart from 12345, password created from the name of the brand will be a mistake. Any number synchrony is also considered as weak password. You should stay away from using numbers like 1111, 2222, 7777 or 0000. These numbers are easily traceable. However, people still use these numbers as their social media password.


Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. Countless bloggers use Wordpress for the purpose of blogging and promotion. But, here the question is how – secure Wordpress is? What are the risks this platform comes with?

It is only natural to have some vulnerability. Knowing about the loosened will help you be careful.

You would be surprised to know that the hackers usually take advantage of automated crawlers to find the weak websites. However, there is just one assurance, usually hackers who hack Wordpress don’t launch a personal attack. They usually redirect the blog to a page from where they can earn some money.

However, any hacking incident will expose your client details to prying eyes of the strangers. This is why, you must make it a point to protect your website with data security software.

Keeping Wordpress Safe

Well, here also, you need to begin with strong password. Another important fact to remember is when you are putting login details use your email address. It is the experts’ suggestion that instead of going for the user ID, use an email address. The hackers will face hard time trying to figure out the email address.

You can set authentication to protect your Wordpress site. According to the experts this is another preventive action which will stall the hackers on their way. When you set up authentication, the hackers will have to answer a question after putting the password. If the question is not answered properly, the login will be prohibited.

Google Authentic plugin is a must for digital security and safety. You will get other plugins as well. However, these plugins are not as effective as Google Authentic.

It is advised to do a quick search before installing any plugin. You need to find out whether the plugin comes with any problem or not. In case, of confusion, you can adhere to Wordpress plugins instead of installing plugins from outside.

Email Security

Well, this is another aspect which you need to remember while you are solidifying your digital security. The latest trend is to outsource the email marketing. However, outsourcing can be an email security breach. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your data secured.

Therefore, you banish the possibility of data theft, you can share only the essential data with the email marketing outsourcing agency.

So, before opting for a digital security strategy there are some facts which you need to know about.


It is important that you encrypt everything. This is only about your social media profiles. This goes for your mobile as well. You need to encrypt everything to keep the hackers at bay. Make sure that you communicate through encrypted sources only.

Leaky Apps

Be careful about the apps that are leaky. These are more dangerous than the malware attacks. If you are not familiar with leaky apps, you need to know that apps that process users’ data in huge amount or without encryption, are considered leaky apps.

Lastly, the preventive measure begins with erasing the human errors. You need to ensure that your employees are properly trained about the software and the social profiles.

Careless data handling can be a dangerous thing which you need to be careful about. Once you take care of the proper data handling process, you are half way towards establishing a strong digital security system.

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