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Lack of Sleep is Leading to Serious Health Issues

Lack of sleep has various long-term effects on the human body and doctors say it’s high time to take care of the sleep cycle.

Lack of Sleep is Leading to Serious Health Issues

The US population is all awake and running with a busy life. Juggling between personal life and work is what Americans do every day sometimes ignoring one of the most important things in life- sleep. As per a study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has been found that one out of three adults has sleeping problems. Researches have proved the harsher sides of sleep deprivation and have shown the adverse effects on health with the age.

There are several factors that are keeping you away from sleep and it’s time to take control of your natural body clock rather than letting these outside factors maneuver your health. Working under unnatural light sources affect the biorhythm of the body. The generation swears by coffee and processed food and research say that these kinds of foods and drinks bring drastic changes in the energy levels. Social activities like being on social media, spending time over video games or scrolling the smartphone over endless hours can be factors that are being a big bang on your sleep track.

Dieticians recommend a good diet along with adequate sleep. Experts even say the sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain, diabetes and, even major heart diseases. Pregnant mothers facing problems of insomnia should consult a doctor immediately. Researches have also proved that patients suffering from insomnia through a genetic link also faces major depression.


Lack of sleep is inducing physical and mental illness

Under the guidance of Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, a special therapy was introduced which is known as brain detoxification. It undergoes a glymphatic process through which the brain is cleared. The Danish researcher says that just like our body, our brain also needs cleansing and this process aims to do so. In this process, it has been found that a human brain is most active when it is sleeping. In the case of insomniac patients, medications are provided for sleep. Such medications do not have the same effect as natural sleep.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person will have difficulties in breathing while sleeping. Snoring and snorting are some of the symptoms of sleep apnea in some cases. People in such a state sometimes go without breathing for 30 seconds or sometimes more. When such things happen repeatedly in sleep, it disrupts the natural course of sleep and then there is a lack of energy all throughout the day. Excess and prolonged duration of such breathlessness in sleep may also cause cardiovascular problems. Experts advise, such situations if left untreated for a long time can have adverse effects on health and so, advised to consult medical practitioners when such issues begin.

Adrenal fatigue is another issue related to lack of sleep. The adrenal glands in the human body regulate the hormonal balance and have close connections with the sleep and wake cycle of the body. Lack of sleep causes stress that produces cortisol which does not allow the human brain to calm down for rest. These continuous stress hormones getting released fatigues the adrenaline gland which causes body pain, low blood pressure or skin discoloration.

Feeling tired, yet there is no sleep. Sounds similar?

Being super tired and yet there is no sign of sleep is the most frustrating thing ever as confessed by insomniacs. At such times, your body seems to lose all its energy and there is a dire need of rest but the sleep seems to be nowhere to bring the solace. The mind keeps racing with random thoughts and it does not wish to rest for some sleep. Some strategies are suggested by experts to help you combat this issue. Reset your body clock by waking up 20-30 minutes before the bright sunlight. Some morning exercise will give that extra edge to your day. Avoid alcohol from your everyday routine and get done with your dinner before it's too late at night.

What should you quit for a proper sleep cycle

Experts say that bringing a few changes in the regular lifestyle can help you in getting a proper good night sleep. Limit your usage of electronic gadgets before the bedtime. The blue rays coming from electronic gadgets strain your eyes and might even cause dry eye issues. Do not strain your eyes and give them proper rest from time to time. Dieticians say that many patients who come for weight loss help, complain that even after following the prescribed diet they are not losing weight and are far away from feeling fit. Lack of sleep is one of the basic reasons. Another very important reason that is doing harm to your sleep cycle is keeping too much at indoors. This does not allow the natural sunlight to come in contact with the body. Not getting enough sunlight also means using artificial light that stresses your eyes reducing your sleep.


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