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Learn to Create Your Own Social Video – A Quick Guide

Creating social video is not difficult. You need to follow some rules. Learn how you can create your own social video.

Learn to Create Your Own Social Video – A Quick Guide

It can be overwhelming to know that web visitors watch around billions of web videos. This social video statistic 2018 encompasses only the YouTube videos. The statistic does not include the Facebook or Instagram videos that people watch daily.

So, you can see that social videos are elements of digital marketing that you cannot ignore any longer.

Everyone wants to cash in this digital media trend 2018. However, there are some things which keep people from going forward with the video marketing strategy.  

The first challenge is being camera shy. The other one is – expensive equipment which a video creation process requires.

Well, let us tell you something.

While you have to work hard to overcome the camera shyness, you might not have to spend a fortune on accumulating the video creation tools. You might already have all the tools within your reach.

So, here is your video creation guide which will help you go forward with your video marketing campaign.

However, explaining the video creation process, we will take a little time to discuss the importance of the video marketing campaign.

Importance of Social Videos

Video marketing is a sure-shot way to get more traffic to your blog or website. If you can use videos properly, you will be able to explore many new lead generating resources.

Videos have the power to boost revenue as well. If you can incorporate an effective video marketing strategy, you will see a boost in sales within a short while.

Recent social video statistic 2018 has released a report claiming that 70 percent of the young web visitors spend their Internet time watching videos. If you fail to leverage this time, you will be losing out a large number of potential customers.

Having said all these, let’s have a look at – how to create a social video within budget.

Before You Face the Camera

Before you explore the ways to create your social video, you need to determine one important fact. You need to find out where to get viewers.

This means you will have to determine the platform where you will be publishing your social videos. There are too many platforms for social video publication.

You can use Facebook. You can use Instagram. Or, you can use YouTube. The choice is yours since this is your video. However, you need to determine whether your target traffic hang out at your chosen social media platforms or not.

Once you have decided this, you can easily go forward with the video promotion campaign by creating your own social video.

Right Format

You will raise your brows and wonder what formatting has to do with video creation. Formatting is for the written contents right?


Even the video contents follow certain formatting. In fact, the success of video content depends on the successful formatting.

Everyone cannot handle the focus of the camera. They either become too shy or too aggressive. Both of these approaches are wrong.

Most of the video creators end up with a lengthy introduction. They open up with in-depth discussion. They take their time introducing the subject. They also take time in building the climax.

Viewers get bored with such approaches. They want to get into the subject and want to know about the topic without spending much time. This is why you must cut the introduction short. You must start with a bang. This is one of the most important facts about video formatting which you need to remember.

After you have introduced the subject, you need to go for a quick outline. Let the viewers know what they can expect from the video. Don’t let them find out. The chances are they will not stick around to find out.

To end it with a bang, you need to use call to actions properly.

So, now that you know the format, you need to know how to create the video, right?

Well, we are eager to tell you.

Use Your Smartphone

Well, yes expensive cameras help. But, if you don’t have it at your disposal right now, you can use the second best option – your smartphone.

So, how can you use the OS of your smartphone to create the right video?

To shoot the video, you need to keep your smartphone steady. For this, you can use stake of books or something solid to support the device.

So, once you have propped the smartphone, you will have your hands free for communication. Now, that you have your smartphone propped right, you must worry about the sound.

Yes, you need to make sure that your voice is coming out clear. So, here you might have to invest money on microphones. This is because most of the smartphones don’t offer high quality microphones.

Of course, the smartphones come with embedded mics. But, they can help you with your conference calls. These will not help you create great video. So, you will need a microphone.

Lighting is Essential

Well, if your video lacks light, you might not be able to hold the attention of the viewers. You need to experiment with the lights before you shoot the actual video.

The video creation experts suggest going for a brightly lit room or space where your face will be clearly visible. So, if you are shooting in the darkness, you need to make sure to install some LED lights.

Editing is Essential

The major problem people make when they think that shooting the video is the only task. This is far from true. You would have to have a plan to edit the video contents as well.

You need to slice off the unrequired things.

For this, you can use the video apps that are available online. These will help you create the right video for the viewers.

Additionally, don’t forget to add some subtitles to the video screen. This creates the right impact.

Lastly, the successful videos need interesting stories. This is why you need to create a story before you even switch your video camera on.

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