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Skyrocket Your Brand Exposure by Avoiding These Social Media Faux Pas

Learn about the social media mistakes which can ruin our brand promotion effort. Also, learn some simple tricks to get quick brand exposure.

Skyrocket Your Brand Exposure by Avoiding These Social Media Faux Pas

Every day the digital marketing world is growing. Every day the rules and techniques are changing. There are some common mistakes which you should not make any longer. In this article, we have come up with a list of social media mistakes which you must avoid at any cost.


So, what are these mistakes? Also, what can you do to skyrocket your social media reach? Both the questions will be answered in this article.


Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost


If you explore the digital world, you will find that every business has a digital presence. However, the problem is – the businesses are not using the digital presence properly. This is why – they are not getting the right result.


There are some brands which end up committing social media sins which cost seriously in the future. Because the competition is growing every day, you must be careful about your social media moves and the mistakes which have the power to ruin your brand value.


Being One Platform Brand


Effective social media strategy is using all the social media platforms for exposure. Due to lack of manpower or budget, usually, brands stick to a handful of social media platforms.


Even if you cannot use all the social media platforms, you need to at least have three core social media platforms for brand promotion. Sticking to a single platform for promotion is a serious mistake which you need to avoid right now.


Self Promotion


Social media is all about promotion. However, in this era, people have grown tired of self-promotion. They have grown tired of hearing how a brand can improve their living. Most importantly, people can detect the difference between a sales pitch and informative content.


If you really want to gain trust and loyalty, you need to create content to offer information or gain influence. Sales pitch can wait for the later part. Even when you use the sales pitch, you should be careful about the language. Subtle sales pitch works. If press hard for purchase, people will walk away. Push selling is not accepted anymore, yet there are brands that still adhere to the old-school social media promotion strategy. Change it and follow the give-first approach.


Lack of Plan for Goal


This is another mistake which costs seriously in the long run. If you are launching a social media campaign, you need to do it with a clear vision of the destination. You need to know where you want to go. You need to know the social media goal. Without a clear vision of the social media goal, it is easy to drift from the actual path.


Taking Controversial Stands


Well, this is a mistake many brands are guilty of. If you are eyeing engagement and reach, you need to stay away from controversy. Don’t put your customers in a position where they have to take a side. The side they take might not be yours.


Giving up Too Soon


Social media is not magic though it can bring magical result. Success comes when you stick to it. Regular activity eventually brings result. Therefore, even if you don’t see immediate outcome, don’t give up.


So, what can you do to improve your social media practice? How can you skyrocket your brand promotion? Given below are some pointers which can help you get your required brand exposure.


Investing in Talent


With time, brands have realized the value of social media. This is why – they are investing time and money in quality social media resources. Hiring quality manpower is one of the requirements now. Continuously, companies are looking for people who can add value to the company brand.


Publishing similar contents on every social media platform or automating the messages do work any longer. Even though automated messages and social media tools work, you would still need people to add value to your brand image.


Contents Getting Created for Mobile


With the rise of smartphone and Google’s mobile-first approach, you need to create contents solely for the small screen. There is no way you can avoid thinking about the mobile before publishing contents.


Remember the contents that are being created for the mobiles, are simple ones. These contents should be easy to navigate. Due to the limitation of mobile content consumption, simple scrolling and minimum key pressing are expected.


Videos and Polls


Content is the major key to drive engagement. However, just about any content will not do the trick. You need to create rich content to engage people. However, here you might be a little confused.


What does it mean by rich content? When will a piece of content be considered rich?


In simple words, a piece of content which increases the visitors’ interaction can be considered as rich content. Now, the question is – how far this definition is true. There is no doubt that improving visitors’ interaction is one of the requirements of rich contents, but, there is more to it.


A piece of content will be considered rich when it will make people come back for more. There are two types of contents that are gaining momentum nowadays.

  • Video
  • Poll


There is no doubt that videos are becoming more and more popular. In this era if you want to gain influence, you need to create video contents for brand exposure. Additionally, poll is another type of content which you can try for the purpose of brand exposure. You can use Facebook or Twitter for the poll content. Both of these are sure to get you required users engagement.


Lastly, there is no doubt that timeless contents hold the power to engage people for a long time. In the past and even in the current time, marketers use timeless contents for the purpose of timeless engagement.


However, if you want success, you need to create a balance. You need to add ephemeral contents to your content marketing strategy. Even though these contents have a short lifespan, even though these would not be around for a long time, you need to use them for engagement boost from time to time.

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