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Some Memorable Moments of Oscars 2020

Even this year the award ceremony was hostless. The extravagant gala was carried forward by different presenters.

Some Memorable Moments of Oscars 2020

The grand Oscars 2020 was infused with some unforgettable, iconic moments. Among a list of brilliant actors, it was Brad Pitt who got the opportunity to bag the first award.

As he stepped out of his seat to take his coveted award, he made it his duty to hug his co-star Leonardo Dicaprio. 

If we look back, Pitt hugged Leonardo at the premiere of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ at Cannes last year. So the “customary hug” and bromance that the two of them share is something that the internet can’t fail to ignore anymore. 


Even this year the award ceremony was hostless. The extravagant gala was carried forward by different presenters. 

Joaquin Phoenix’s speech wins hearts 


Joker star Joaquin Phoenix won hearts with his acceptance speech when he went to took to the stage to accept his Best Actor award for ‘Joker.’ More than the award, what won the hearts of netizens Joaquin’s acceptance speech. The thought-provoking speech immediately began trending on twitter.

He spoke about the “distressing issues” facing us collectively. He emphasized that we’ve become disconnected from the natural world and our actions indirectly harm animals and the environment as a whole. 

He admitted that he had been selfish however people gave him second chances. He sent across a strong message of compassion saying that we shouldn’t cancel each other out for past mistakes but support each other to grow. He was choked at the end of the speech when he recited the lines that his brother once wrote, “Run to rescue with love and peace will follow.”

Eminem gives a brilliant performance 



At the award ceremony, Rap Star Eminem lit the stage on fire. As usual, he got everyone grooving and lip-syncing with his captivating rapping techniques. At the end of his high octane performance, he received a standing ovation from the audiences. 

Natalie Portman honours female directors 


Natalie Portman took a dig at the Oscars by wearing a Dior cape that was embroidered with names of female directors who weren’t nominated for Oscars. “I wanted to recognize the women who were not recognized for their incredible work this year in a subtle way,” Portman smiled and said while she was on the red carpet. 

Remembering Basket Ball Icon- Kobe Bryant 


Director Matthew A Cherry, in his acceptance speech for the best animated short film ‘Hair Love’, remembered Lakers Star- Kobe Bryant. “This award is dedicated to Kobe Bryant. May we all have a second act as great as his was,” the director said.

Eighteen-year-old Billie Ellish sang a beautiful rendition of the Beatles ‘Yesterday’ for a segment honoring personalities who passed away this year including Kobe. It was her first-ever performance at the Oscars. 

Kobe Bryant was the first person to be honored in the Memoriam section that honored personalities that passed away from the industry in the past year. 

During this specific segment, Kobe Bryant’s picture was displayed with a powerful quote alongside, Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile and just keep on rolling.”