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Use Reviews to Augment Sale – A Brief Guide for the Marketers

Getting positive reviews is important for sales. Here are some tips to get good reviews online.

Use Reviews to Augment Sale – A Brief Guide for the Marketers

Reviews have become an essential sales tool. Using this you can augment profit. Here are some effective ways to use online customer reviews for better sales process.

Modern era has taught people to seek others’ opinion before purchasing anything. People don’t even try out a hotel without reading the reviews of other customers. This is because brands can say anything to elevate their status. But, other customers have nothing to gain from the brand reputation. This is why customers offer authentic reviews.

Through recent study, the marketers have found that more than 97 percent people explore online reviews before they buy anything. Also, it is important to note that people only trust the places or products with 4 star rating.

So, the time has come to pay attention to online customer reviews. The pressing matter which you must remember is – it takes time to get five star rating. The problem arises when the marketers take the customer behavior as normal event. They accept the fact without effort that – customers will do what they want. They accept the fact that there is no way of altering the way someone feels about the business or service.

Experts say that this approach is not appropriate. As a business person, you have a responsibility towards your brand and your business. Each step that you take must be calculated. You must make purposeful decision. Therefore, if you leave something as important as customer review to the fate, you will be heading towards failure. Don’t do it.

There are ways, calculative and purposeful; using which you can get good reviews from the customers. All you need to do is – know where to begin from. Also, you must know where to look to get positive reviews from the customers.

Some Considerations

There are countless people out there who don’t care about online customer reviews. They don’t pay any attention to what people are saying about their business. This has always been a matter of concern for the marketers. If think about it, you will understand the importance.

You are investing not only money for your brand value, you are investing time as well. After all these, if you adhere to the don’t-care attitude, you will be losing a lot. Not only your brand value will suffer but, your ROI will suffer too. This is why, you must care for the online customer reviews.

Bad reviews hurt business. It also affect the performance of a business. If you have not cared about online reviews, this is time to sit back consider the matter from the start.

Positive Reviews and Loyalty

It is not a secret that positive reviews drive up sales. It also creates brand loyalty. Somehow positive reviews offer better customer satisfaction as well. Once you start getting satisfied customers, you will be able to get more positive reviews from the people. Additionally, your sales rate will grow. These are all interconnected. This is why, you must make it a point to pay attention to the positive reviews of the customers. Even if you are not selling any product, you still must care about reviews because, these play big roles at the time of recruitment.

So, how do you go about it? How can you acquire positive reviews from the people?

Find the Platform

It is important that you find the right platform when you are trying to get good reviews. There are too many forums where reviews can b uploaded. However, all these platforms are not equal. All these platforms will not give you the required exposure. This is why, you need to first explore different options and try to find out which one will suit your purpose better. Once you have decided on this, you will be able to start working on getting positive reviews.

Remember that what worked yesterday, might not work today. This is why don’t waste your time and attention on something that is not effective for your purpose. You must find the forums with the potential to convert leads into sales. Such forums are worth the time and money, you are willing to pay for your brand value.

However, there will be times, when you will see that despite your effort people are not leaving any review on your product. This happens when marketers make it difficult for the people to find their brand.

So, to get positive reviews, you need to take a couple of important steps. You have to be there and you have to make it easy for people to find you.

Using Facebook

Facebook is a famous social media platform there is no doubt about it. Using this platform you can get the desired brand expansion. Therefore, being famous on this platform is not a second option any longer. You must be on Facebook and you must make effort to be liked here.

To be able to get positive reviews here, you need to make it easy for the customers to leave reviews. There are brands which make the process of leaving reviews a difficult one. You should not do this. Set up the review setting in a way that it invites people to leave reviews. If you see that the reviews are not positive, you can always disable the option.


Now, you can focus on the Yelp page to get customer attention and positive reviews. This platform offers businesses a way to expand their brands on local market. You need to be successful in this platform.

However, one thing you need to remember. This platform requires more effort than Facebook. This is because, Yelp displays the reviews which they think will be assisting to the customer experience. This is why you need to work a little harder to get featured on this platform.

High quality reviews matter here. You need to ask your existing customers to check your profile on Yelp and leave their reviews. This is the only valid way to get the best out of this platform.

Lastly, don’t get paranoid when you get bad reviews. This is going to happen. You just need to know how to deal with bad reviews. For this you can refer to information on dealing with bad reviews.

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