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WordPress Themes are Essential – Here is What You Need to Know

WordPress theme selection is important. Right theme can earn you a lot of promotional scoop. Here is how you can make a decision about a WordPress theme.

WordPress Themes are Essential – Here is What You Need to Know

Selecting the right WordPress theme is a vital task if you want to exploit the power of your website. In case, you are launching a WordPress blog, theme selection should be done carefully as the right theme can earn your blog the required respect of the visitors while the wrong theme can bring the reverse effect.

However, the problem here is the abundance of WordPress themes. There are so many themes available, that you are sure to get confused about choosing the right one for your blog. The WordPress theme selection process will be seem more challenging when you are just getting started with the WordPress blog.

Those who are wondering how to choose the right WordPress theme, will find this article helpful as we have listed some effective tips to help you get going.

So, what to look for when choosing the right WordPress theme?

The type of your blog is an important consideration when you are looking for the right WordPress theme. In case you have a wellness blog, you need to find a theme which offers positive energy. Those who are running a tech blog, need to find a theme befitting the blog type.

It is important to remember that the first impression is the display. How your blog looks will determine whether the readers will further explore it or not. One little word of wisdom – focus on comforting theme color.

Theme Rating

The WordPress themes come with review rating. These are important factors. You would need to check these reviews before making any decision. By the reviews you will be able to guess the quality of the selected theme.

To be sure that the quality of the theme is high, you need to look at the number of rating. You need to see how many five stars the theme has got. Remember that a theme needs to have 10 plus reviews and ratings.

The experts encourage the bloggers to choose a rating of 4.5 to ensure the high quality.

Proper Navigation

You will that the WordPress themes are available in different types of layouts. These also come with different types of columns. However, whatever theme you choose make sure that it offers easy navigation. The web visitors need to find the blog easy to deal with. If they don’t get to navigate easily, they will not be able to subscribe to your blog. Also, you need to remember that readers must be able to find the blog posts without trouble. This is why the theme must come with right search option.

Good navigation like an antidote to bounce rate.  When people see that the blog’s navigation is proper, they usually decide to remain on the site page for further exploration. So, if you are trying to know how to select the right WordPress theme, make sure to write this down and pay attention to it when creating the blog.

Last Update Date

Well, this is an essential aspect of WordPress theme selection. You need to remember that the core of WordPress is ever changing. This is why updating plays a vital role in the WordPress theme selection. In case, the WordPress theme you have selected has not been updated for a long time, you will expose yourself to the risk of being hacked.

Security threat is the main reason, why you should pay attention to the last update date of the WordPress theme. Remember that it is not mandatory that the theme should be updated. But, you should at least try to find a theme which gets revamped once in a year.


When would you call a theme useful? Well, the theme needs to include certain features. You must look for features built-in plugins, customized dashboard, comment style, customized error pages. These themes might not be available in the free themes. For the sake of optimization and promotional boost, experts encourage people to go for premium themes.

While looking for effective features, don’t forget to look at the SEO features which the theme is bringing. Here you need to decide an important thing. Do you want to hand over the SEO control to the theme? Or, do you want the theme to take care of the optimization?

The SEO experts say that it is always better to allow a plugin take over the SEO, rather than a WordPress theme. Additionally, don’t forget about the loading time and responsive feature of the theme. Without these your blog will not be able to yield desired result.

Select a Theme Check Passed Theme

Theme check is gaining fame for its usability. Experts encourage people to check their WordPress theme in this website. This will give you an idea about the code quality of the theme. The website will let you know whether the theme has been checked before.

However, the theme check website is a tool. So, check the WordPress theme here but don’t make it too important. There are times when these websites fail.

Explore the Demo Site

There is a reason why demo sites are given. These are for the bloggers to play around with. Looking at the design is fine. But, stop yourself there. You must explore further. You must find out whether the theme serves your purpose. You must look at the style of theme. Additionally, you need to explore the theme’s functionality. This will give you an idea about how you can benefit from the WordPress theme.

While, you should choose WordPress themes based on the tips given here, there are some cautions which you need to pay attention to.

Don’t ever choose a WordPress theme which does not have proper technical support. WordPress theme support will be required when you are customizing a theme. If you have difficulties in customization, you might be in trouble.

Additionally, using a WordPress theme which comes with too many plugins, might be a problem. While plugins are important features, too many of them might cause problems. Therefore, you need to explore the theme before installing it.

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