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11wickets.com Teams up with Amazon Pay

Keeping the value of trust in mind, 11Wickets has come together with Amazon Pay and brings their first cashback offer. 11wickets.com aims to capture and change the perception of Generation X towards online mind sport.

11wickets.com Teams up with Amazon Pay

11wickets.com, one of the leading online gaming solution brands in India has tied up with world’s leading and famous payment gateway Amazon Pay. 11wickets.com brings their first cash back offer in association with Amazon Pay for the online game lovers. People can avail the offer by using “Pay using Amazon Pay and get 50% cash back” on 11wickets.com website and 11wickets mobile app till 31st December 2018. With the focus on the coming generation, 11wickets.com, a part of Ability Games Private Limited headquartered in Kolkata, is bringing exclusive features for the online gamers. 11Wickets has already got more than 10 lac registered users playing online fantasy games. In the last six months, 11Wickets has become the fastest growing fantasy sports destination in India.

Every e-commerce user or gamer will trust a platform which has an authentic payment gateway for the transaction of their money. Keeping the value of trust in mind, 11Wickets has come together with Amazon Pay and brings their first cashback offer. 11wickets.com aims to capture and change the perception of Generation X towards online mind sport. In the next five years, the brand aims to see 11Wickets app in every Indian’s Smartphone and Ability Games as the household name. India has gone through a better communication network, a younger generation, the increase in the standard of living, increase in online offers, and a better standard of education, affordable internet packages and gadgets. These conditions are playing one of the major roles in the growth of online games in India.

Navneet Makharia, Director, 11Wickets.com, said that they are excited to join hands with Amazon Pay. This will also help the audience enjoy the skill-based games and earn cash back at the same time. This association will improve the awareness and interest in online game and he is very excited about it. They trust that winning cash prizes is an enormous reason to play fantasy sports in India, but it is not the only reason. Fantasy is fun. It doubles the excitement of watching a match. Online Gaming Industry has maintained its popularity because it has evolved with time. 11wickets.com aims to be a part of this evolution by providing a modern twist on traditional games that it believes will be exciting to not only one section of players, but also to a much broader spectrum of gamers as well. The company wants to help promote the online game in India, and inspire more players to play and enjoy the sport and avail the exciting Amazon Pay Offer, he said.

He said that there is an online boom and the Indian online gaming community is looking for a better gaming experience. With the rising popularity of online gaming, these factors will strengthen the bond between the user and the brand. All the ingredients of explosive growth in gaming are present in the country - be it the demographics, internet penetration or Smartphone penetration. The digital payment infrastructure in India is very good.

Online gaming is among the top industries in the world. Also, the industry has seen a growth of 40 percent year by year, since the last 5 years. With the fast evolving technology, evolution in the internet technology and day by day increase in the use of Smartphone, huge growth in the use of online games in the eastern zone of India as well as the entire nation is also expected. As more and more companies are coming up with different online gaming brands, the competition is extremely tough everywhere but as a whole this industry in India worth for billions in the near future. With a population of about 1.3 billion, India is the second-most populous country in the world. The size of the mobile and online games industry in India is estimated to be Rs 1000-1500 crore and it is growing at 60-70 percent in India. The growing numbers of online portals are also indicative of the fact that the industry in India is swiftly expanding. Online Game is one of the fastest rising mind sports in India these days. Games like fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, fantasy football, to name a few, appear in front of one’s eyes if anyone talks about the online games.

Navneet Makharia, Director, 11Wickets.com, said that it’s amazing to see the growing passion for online games in the city of joy and we are proud to be a part of this journey. In the last couple of years, they have been observing a paradigm shift in people's mindset. The zeal displayed by online game lovers has given rise to a lot of platforms, which are not only encouraging the online sports industry in India but also throwing doors open for youngsters who are interested in exploring a career in the game.