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Adorable Street Dog Walks to Pharmacy to Show Injured Paw, Viral Video Moving All to Tears

A video of street dog asking for treatment at a pharmacy in Istanbul has gone viral. The way the dog shows her paw injury and faith in the pharmacist, will move you to tears.

Adorable Street Dog Walks to Pharmacy to Show Injured Paw, Viral Video Moving All to Tears

You might be a big fan of the lovable dog videos over the internet, can spend hours ogling at them, but this one is surely going to make you drippy. For a street dog has walked up to the pharmacy to ask for some care for her injured paw. This heart-warming episode that has taken place in Istanbul was spread as a video and it has gone viral all over the web.


The dog approached the pharmacy looking ailing and Banu Cengiz, the pharmacist, rushed to her and found the paw bleeding. She cleaned it, applied medicine and the dog also seemed to have faith in her.


Banu Cengiz told an online media, "When I was done, she laid down as if to thank me. She was saying, 'I trust you',".


Watch the video here:



They also offered the street dog some food and water; hopefully, she’s healed and feeling totally fit and fine by now!


The video on social media is attracting so much love, sentiment and prayers… including some “Awwwwww” moments! One of the netizens commented to endearing video, “Here, take my heart ❤️ :)”.


Well, it is true indeed that stray dogs or animals globally have a tough time surviving on road, especially when they are injured. But we hope, more and more people like Banu Cengiz will come forward and make their survival easier and more comfortable.

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