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Brand Building with Instagram Stories: Tips to Get Started

Learn how you can use Instagram stories to build your brand. The tips are from the experts’ zone.

Brand Building with Instagram Stories: Tips to Get Started

Social media marketing is breaking all barriers and has been highly gaining popularity among the marketers. There is always a new social media concept and structure in front of the marketers to harvest the knowledge and implement the same for proper benedictions. The social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram keep updating their algorithms.

Therefore, people always have to have keen eyes on the changes and implement new structures and ideas to maintain their popularity. Instagram nearly attains 200 million users every day. With the commencement of Instagram stories, there has been active participation and constant online presence of the users in terms of reach, engagement, and discoverability.

Businesses are going to harvest great advantages through effective Instagram stories. It has become easier for the marketers to gain the interest of the users through interesting and relatable stories. It has become one of the best tools where the businesses are able to directly connect with the users, harmonize their branding and gain the loyalty of the consumers as well as the followers.

What does Instagram story basically do?

Instagram stories give the authority to the companies or the brands to directly connect with their followers to their personal world. It can be a connection through stunning images or small video clippings or there can be a person talking to the camera spreading a message that garners the interest of the viewers. The main goal of using Instagram stories is that to keep the consumers engaged as well as bring loyalty to the business.

How to get the most through Instagram stories?

1. Seek the advantage of Polls in Instagram stories

Last October, Instagram paved for a new option where the viewers are going to have extra fun through interactive poll stories. The polls are actually the quirky part to engage the audience in the stories at the same time gains their thoughts on the post. This is one of the key points to garner the information and needs of the targeted audience and what are the expectations that they have in future. Make the poll stories professional and related to the company or the business to generate the views that people have on it.

Most of the influencers and brands have gained more popularity through Instagram Live and Stories where there is the implementation of the poll feature. Using the Instagram Insights, the companies can get hold of the information of the engagement of the posts as well as the activity on the feeds

2. Feature Links in the Stories for more sales, traffic and lead generation

One of the best features that social media has created for the brands is that they are directly getting in touch with the audiences and their customers. With the feature of Instagram stories, the entire concept has taken a new pathway. If the brand is not able to gain such recognition, the best way to implement the same strategy is through the incorporation of the links to the stories.

Businesses are going to benefit in huge through this feature. There is the option of swipe up feature for verified users as well as the tagging feature of the places they have visited. The e-commerce brands can easily use this function and even can have the incorporation of add to the cart instantly with the call to action. So basically, if the followers like the product in the story, they will have to swipe up on the stories which lead them to the website of the business.

3. Create digitized storytelling

One of the main things that the propagation of the stories has proven is the real value of the unedited version of the contents and how does it portray in the eyes of the viewers. It is like a tale or a fable where there is the showcasing of the journey through relatable stories to make the brand well recognized.

The main aim is to create a story that feels real to the readers. Tell the fable of the products and the services to create the brand loyalty. The incorporation of this feature actually increases the generation of traffic and potential leads can get converted to sales. For example, the owner of the restaurant can showcase the best of their dishes. The e-commerce platform can show how their products can be used. What are the before and after effects of a beauty product and so on?

4. Amplify CTAs with overlay text

The CTA is implemented in the bottom of the screen which is quite easy to get missed. Make the viewers and the targeted audience know how is the next step they have to take by implementing the overlaying of the texts to repeat the CTA. While formulating the stories one gets to select the relevant CTA button to make themselves visible. The color of the texts, size of the letters and the background colors completely depends upon the audience as to whether they are actually visiting the profile or the website and opting for the sign-up.

E-commerce marketers should make use of powerful words like "Buy Now" and for receiving new updates to the targeted leads for the sign-up option and more to go.

5. Use Instagram Story Ads

By March, Instagram has opened the feature option to showcase the advertisement of the different brands. The first to collaborate to such features were brands like Nike, Netflix, and Airbnb. The brands need to make sure of the design. It needs to be quirky and classy enough to garner the first glance of the audience. Pictographic ads last for 10 secs while videos last for 15 secs. Within this duration, the brands have to emphasize the factors that are directly going to hit the mind of the audience which will bore you sweetest of the fruits. The message must interest the audience through the graphics or the strong visuals that will urge them for the action.

There are several more benedictions that can be garnered through Instagram Stories for businesses and brandings. The only thing that is required is the constant update and the change of algorithms done to implement new and creative ideas to generate traffic to the website.

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