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Crouching Putin’s Sniper Skills with the New Kalashnikov Rifle

Russian President Vladimir Putin was framed hitting the head, liver and abdomen of a static target from from 1968 feet distance with the silver rifle from Kalashnikov company.

Crouching Putin’s Sniper Skills with the New Kalashnikov Rifle

When it comes to knocking down his target, Vladimir Putin can give a tough competition to anyone and everyone. Especially, on the occasion of testing a sniper’s rifle, the Kremlin strongman turned out to be a champ. On Wednesday, the Russian President tried out the all-new Kalashnikov rifle at the Patriot Park, Moscow.



A Russian state television channel aired the footage where Putin is seen wearing goggles and earphones, as he is all set to show his marksmanship with the Chukavin sniper's rifle - SVCh-308, designed by Kalashnikov.


Reportedly the lethal machine is described as “an ultra-modern rifle for Russian snipers”.


The Russian President’s skills were highly impressive as he hit the bull’s eye more than half the time he fired. Precisely, 3 out of his 5 shots were deliberate and deadly!


Rossiya 24 television, the channel reported that the target was set at a maximum distance.


And throughout the testing session, Putin’s handling of the rifle and trigger pulling style appeared no less proficient than the professional snipers.

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