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How a Positive Attitude Can Change the Way You Work

How a Positive Attitude Can Change the Way You Work

How a Positive Attitude Can Change the Way You Work

What they say about having a positive attitude is really true. It can really change your mood and bring you closer towards your inner happiness levels. However, it’s not about being that ‘wishy-washy’ type of happy. It's about being happy in the way that you are financially, mentally and physically satisfied. That’s the only way that you will be able to be truly happy.

If you are having a lot of vacations and aren’t able to truly enjoy it – then there’s a problem at work. Sometimes you’re at work and you can’t focus – it’s a problem at home. When you have everything fixed from all aspects, you have a better time at work. You can focus more and create value for yourself and your organization when you have a positive attitude.

Being More Growth-Oriented

It also extends towards how growth-oriented you are as a person. If you have a growth-mindset and you’re able to work without interruptions, then you’re going to be a happier and more contributing member of the organization. There are some tweaks that you can make to make yourself happier, but in general you want to have all your things in order before you decide to venture out into the world of ‘self-help’.

Stanford did a study on children that were in school and found that the kids who had a better outlook on life, did better on their tests on average. There is ample evidence to prove that people who are in the growth-mindset tend to be more confident and do things differently. They are freer in their approach and are more positive as a result.

The question really boils down to whether you can become positive by choice or by action. If it’s by choice – then the answer is clear. You just need to keep reminding yourself to be positive. If it’s by action – then its clear again. You need to take action to make yourself more positive. The real answer has to be a mix of the two and not either or.

When you can take action but you’re positive about it, then you have a better shot at changing the way that you view work. Work becomes something of a positive thing, where you get value for the effort you put in and your company is happy.

Stress and Adventure

When you start to think about doing quality work, which needs a bit of stress and adventure, you have to bring your inner sense of positivity about you before you burn out. Also, in cases where you are positive about a situation and you see an opportunity that you want to approach, you tend to get stuck because you’re afraid of the action. There is a bit of work and a bit of negative emotion attached to everything we do, but when we can combine thought and action together - we can have a better shot at being happy.

Sometimes it can be about the way that we think about ourselves. Do we think about ourselves in a positive manner or do we think about ourselves as someone who’ll never get anywhere and can’t achieve their dreams? If that’s the case, then its important to ask yourself why you think that way. Maybe you’ll uncover some insights that you didn’t know existed all this while and were weighing you down for years.

Dealing With Underlying Emotions

There are also many tools to help us release tension and built up frustration that can block our natural ability to feel positive at work. It could be related to a boss that we have, or a client that didn’t get our attention enough. There are many cases of positivity changing the way that we think about the world and hence about our work. Maybe we’re meant to do greater things, but we'll never get there if were always in a bad mood.

When the problem becomes chronic, that’s when it gets dangerous. Because long bouts of continuously sadness could be something that’s underlying and needs attention. Otherwise if you’re not feeling positive about the whole thing, then you can consider changing it up or having a different approach to work.

You can shift your brain into thinking more positively and creating new avenues of positive growth. You’re not going to get there by sitting around the house. You need to take action. That’s the key component here.

Bringing a Positive Intention With You

You can’t build a house with just a blueprint. You need to get your shoes dirty. That’s why anyone who says ‘follow your dreams’ may still be sleeping. You need to take the right steps to make sure that your dreams don’t run away from you, and that you’re taking the right positive steps towards them. There have been many studies that talk about the power of intention and action. If you don’t act upon your intention, then nothing really happens.

If you bring your positive attitude to work, then you will start to see some interesting changes. You can see new opportunities arise, new people all around you, and new insights that you didn’t know existed. All of this, because there are somethings that need to be explored with an empty mind and an eager soul.

When you’re in a positive state of mind, you tend to let go of emotional baggage and the expectations that people have of you. You let go of it all and stretch out your imagination. You can take a deep rest knowing that you are happy where you are, and you are less stressed about where you’re going. This fuels ambition even more, as you go from task to task.


There is a misconception that positivity is not for everyone. It is an interesting approach towards living life in general, and it starts from taking care of yourself and other people around you. You also tend to learn more when you’re in a positive state of mind, and you get more out of your work when you’re happy about finishing it.

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