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Potholes, Water Logging And Increased Number of Vehicles Cause Massive Traffic in Bangalore

For the past few days, the city of Bengaluru has been the center of attention due to its perplexing and disorderly traffic situation on Wednesday.

Potholes, Water Logging And Increased Number of Vehicles Cause Massive Traffic in Bangalore

For a few days ‘Bengaluru’ has been the hot topic of discussion for its mind-baffling and chaotic traffic on Wednesday. 

So much so, people who came to witness South African comedian Trevor Noah perform had to face immense traffic issues to reach Manpho Convention Centre near Hebbal flyover where the event was to be held. 

Not only did they battle the heavy traffic but much to their disappointment, the show was cancelled. 

The day the show was to be held the city witnessed massive traffic. Trevor Noah reached very late. There were sound system issues too due to which the show had to be cancelled. 

The entire Outer Ring Road and the surrounding IT tech park areas witnessed freakish traffic leaving IT employees and  commuters frustrated. There were around 3.5 lakh vehicles in Bengaluru’s outer ring road. 

People had some amusing experiences while waiting for hours in the traffic, eagerly waiting to reach their homes. The story of a guy ordering pizza while he was stuck in heavy traffic has gone viral. The commuter named Rishi ordered pizza from Dominos while he was waiting endlessly in the frustrating traffic congestion. He not only got the pizza on time but also got it delivered to his car in the midst of heavy traffic. 

Rishi wrote on X, “When we decided to order from @dominos during the Bangalore choke. They were kind enough to track our live location (a few metres away from our random location added in the traffic) and deliver to us in the traffic jam.” The delivery man handed over the pizza to Rishi and his friends.” 

Another user joked: “ Next time I’m booking a massage from Urban Company.”

On Wednesday children and employees reached their homes very late. 

One individual wrote, “And I see people defending this city as if it's a matter of pride. Everyone should love their city/country but also should be aware of the limitations and problems. Because until then, it won't improve.”

A second user said, "Most of these problems, can be solved if most companies go fully remote. Employees can meet once a month or a quarter.”

“And then the folks would be like, yaar weather is good in Bangalore,” a third user posted. 

“Time for people to think about location priorities and life priorities- Bangalore was never designed for such a large population- no matter how many extra people complain wouldn't make a difference on ground reality,” shared another.

The reasons given by the traffic police for the unusual traffic on 27 September was an upcoming long weekend that saw many people heading out of the city. There were a huge number of vehicles on the road, six vehicle breakdowns, water logging in certain areas as well as potholes.