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Retargeting Mistakes to be Careful about

Retargeting is still a less used tactic by the marketers despite its powers to win over customers. When executed correctly, this underused marketing strategy can drive cheap conversions.

Retargeting Mistakes to be Careful about

Retargeting Defined

One of the most effective digital marketing strategy of today, retargeting is also known as remarketing. Retargeting is that strategy which is used to win back customers or even for the conversions of the visitors to your website. It is implemented within ad campaigns like Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads etc. The retargeting ads conversion rates can also be pretty high if correctly strategized. The digital marketing experts have tagged retargeting as the Holy Grail that can have the power to be the magic tonic to digital marketing strategies. It is indeed, the best solution that companies can think of to solve shopping cart abandonment.

It is not a mandate that every first-time visitor will instantly become a customer. But, that doesn’t indicate that the visitor is not interested in your product. You can take this as a positive indication that requires more convincing. With the implementation of effective retargeting campaigns, you can re-engage a huge part of your traffic. While being one of the most genius ways of reconnecting to the unconverted visitors of your website, this powerful tool of Retargeting can also go wrong if not used rightly. At the very beginning of the month, retargeting campaigns can well convert the younger demographics since they’ve just received their salary. Similarly, late at night even if you have visitors, they might not be in the purchasing mood but, they are more likely to convert once they get a retargeting ad the next afternoon.

The retargeting advertising strategy can dramatically reduce cost related to acquiring customers. But, many still lose out on customer and sales due to some common retargeting mistakes.

Not customizing Landing pages:

Simply putting up ads is not the end of the job. You have to do better as marketers to bear the fruits of a remarketing strategy. Many marketers think that an effective retargeting strategy is a medium by which the ads gain maximum exposure that helps drive visitors through a sales funnel. But, is that it? What happens when a visitor is enticed by the offers of an ad but it finally leads them to your homepage, in place of the specific page of the offer?  This will make your retargeting efforts will go down the drains.

Here’s what you can do about it.

Optimized landing page: The landing page must be customized to ensure that the retargeting ads convert well. When the traffic is led to the correct landing page giving them the relevant information in sync with the ad, it is more likely that the audience will convert. Customers don’t have the time to search for the product in a generic homepage, the one that featured in your ad. So, every campaign must have a clear-cut call-to-action and the traffic must be redirected to an optimized landing page. It doesn’t need to be too flashy but, making the experience of the visitors easy through the remarketing campaigns should be the key purpose.

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing: Using this feature can definitely re-engage the visitors who linger on product pages but don’t make a purchase instantly. This can be done by creating ads that will show products that the visitors had viewed on their last visit to the website.

Lack of harmony between ads and landing page:

You need to go beyond the creation of designated landing pages and concentrate on the overall user’s experience. When the audience views a remarketing ad, the expectation is to have a consistent experience when they reach the landing page. For instance, do not keep the color schemes of a landing page and the ad in contrast of flashing and neutral colors. This will not do any good to your retargeting efforts. Rather, the voice tone and the aesthetic appeal of your landing page and ad must match.

Inappropriate Audience Segmentation:

Retarget market campaigns are the most successful when you directly speak to your target customer. Thus, it is more a marketing tool that echoes precision. Based on the interactions with the website visitors, the audience needs to be segmented accurately. Your retargeting campaign may include people who view products and add them to the cart but don’t end up purchasing them and also those to who you want to promote a contextually relevant product after they have gone through a specific piece of content.  But, the retargeting messages for both segments must vary. Thus, audience segmentation is crucial here.

Having spoken about the audience who haven’t purchased from you yet, you can also reconnect with customers who have bought products from you but not your upsell, by website retargeting strategy. In this case, your approach must be friendlier towards the old customers who may be interested in something novel. If you build an appropriate audience segment, you will be able to create more personalized and impactful retargeting campaign. Inferences of the same can be based on the analysis of the customer’s interests and intent.

Don’t be a blatant advertiser:

As a marketer, you will not have much luck when it comes to retargeting, if your mind is at blatantly advertising in an attempt to extract value out of the traffic. Take social media king, Facebook for instance. Retargeting people on this platform will not work if the audience suddenly comes across an overt sales pitch in the shape of an advertisement.

You must design an ad to remarketing a product on social media in a manner that it blends in smoothly in the user’s feed. A good remarketing ad will always deliver value by speaking to a person’s interests. Retarget ads on social media platforms can work better on people who abandoned purchase from the shopping cart if you tactfully at a discount coupon to the ad and leverage on the ‘scarcity’ power. Around 50% of online shoppers have posed the reason to be high price rates for shopping cart abandonment.

More than anything else, the customers and audience of the modern era look for value addition through online shopping. Thus, do your best to add value to your company’s retargeting strategies that can solve their frustrations.

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