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Data Focused Content Marketing Strategy for High Ranking

Learn how you can create effective content marketing strategy that elevates the ranking of your blog.

Data Focused Content Marketing Strategy for High Ranking

The world’s marketing has transformed and taken the shape of content marketing. No, that is not a quote from a classic novel. That is the truth which digital world is enduring in the modern times.

Content marketing strategy is not an easy game which anyone can play. Yet, it is not so difficult that one cannot learn and use the tricks for brand building. However, content marketing tricks are guilty of one sin. It is the vast array of choices. There are countless tactics out there. Which one works and which one does not can be difficult to decide. This is why guidance of an expert is important.

Online content marketing growth strategy that you can find anywhere, does not really work. Yes, it would promise you a large number of followers and reach and engagement and even conversion. But, when you try the strategy, you will see no change anywhere at all.

So, here is the question – do you follow online content marketing blogs? Do you use the content marketing strategies that are available online? Do you get result? If no, you might have to look elsewhere for more effective strategy.

Fortunately you can use data to decide which tip works and which one does not. Here is a list of tips which can help you create an effective content marketing strategy for your blog.

However, before getting started with the discussion of how to create an effective content marketing strategy, let’s have a look at the content marketing basic. This is important and most easily forgotten.

Content Goal

Before, you do anything with the content marketing strategy, you need to have a clear goal in mind. You need to decide how many contents you are going to publish per week. You also need to decide how many types of contents you are going to publish per week as well. Knowing this is the basic of effective content marketing strategy.   

The best way you can create effective contents is by understanding the types of contents that others are publishing for the sake of high ranking. You must make a decision to segment your content types. You need to use funnel stage for this purpose.

Before you sit down and write anything, you need to determine your reason to create the content. You need to decide its appeal to the market. You will also have to decide the purpose of the content.

Once you have decided all these factors, you can go ahead and create your content marketing strategy.

Blogging often is a way to generate more traffic and uplift your blog’s ranking. This is not a secret any longer. So, we are not going to elaborate it. All we are going to say is – adhere to long contents and make sure that the contents reflect high quality. Don’t compromise on quality for the sake of quantity.

Link Magnet

To know how to create an effective content marketing strategy, you need to first know how to get high quality link. The higher number of links you can get, the better it is for you.

If you talk to any digital marketing expert, you would come to know that contents and links are the key factors of search engine ranking. External backlinks have always played a major role in uplifting the status of a website. However, here the challenge is – with time getting links, high quality links especially, is becoming difficult.

If you keep writing high quality contents every day and you keep sharing them on multiple social platforms, you might be able to get some links from external sources.

However, gloomy this may sound - there is still a way to go past this setback. Link magnet can work like wonder when it comes to backlink.

Infographic is a link magnet which can attract a lot of high quality link. The majority of the marketers are using infographic due to this reason. Visual contents are the new generation’s link magnets. This is why you should not ignore the power of visual contents. Additionally, ebooks and videos can be used as link magnet as well.

Social Posting as Supplement

Well, you need to use social posting if you want people to read and know about your content. This is a known factor. Right after creating contents, you must opt to share them on multiple social platforms. This way you can generate a lot of readership. You will also be able to get high quality links through social sharing. However, this content marketing strategy does not always work.

This happens because in certain social media platforms organic optimization is going downhill. The posting strategy that you are using right now, might work because of this reason.

The old school sharing strategy has been to keep posting the same content over and over again. However, this does not work anymore. In fact, when you share the same contents more than twice a day, people get irritated. This exposes the risk of unsubscribing.

So, reduce your posting strategy to twice a day. Also, adopt an approach of educating people. This is what people want nowadays. This is how the authority is gained. You need to opt for both education and entertainment.

Re-purposing Content

Creating content is a hard work. It takes more than 3 hours to create a 1000 words content. If you are opting for a 2000 words content, you will be spending more than 5 hours, just to get it down on paper. We are not counting the editing and polishing time.

So, it is laborious task. It needs ample research and data accumulation. This is why marketers are encouraging bloggers to repurpose their contents into different campaigns.

You can turn our blog posts into ebooks. If you have ebooks, you can turn them into video contents. You have the luxury of experimenting. But, push yourself to keep posting.

Lastly, brainstorming great ideas is important when you are creating effective content marketing strategy. Also, make sure to mention influencers in the contents you are creating. This will amplify the appeal of your contents.

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