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Have You Added Video Marketing to Your Content Marketing Yet

Video marketing is an essential part of marketing. Have you incorporated it to your marketing strategy yet? If no, here are some reasons why you should do it now.

Have You Added Video Marketing to Your Content Marketing Yet

Digital marketing is being flooded with blog posts and articles. Every day millions of posts are getting published. So, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd and make a distinct identity?

Because of the increase in the number of blog posts, the click rate has dropped. This is because, people now want to read only the effective and valuable posts with proper information. In such a situation, you need to do something extra to enrich your blog post so that people click on your blog link. Content marketing strategy has taken another form and now, you need to revamp the strategy to get the best of it.

Video marketing might be the answer to your prayer.

Yes, a recent study has shown that in next five years, video marketing will capture the market entirely. Therefore, it is time that you add video marketing to your content marketing strategy today or it might a little late to join the fad.   

It is true that making a video will need a lot of investment. If you are not publishing high quality video, you might not be able to get the desired reach and engagement. This is why, it is must that you should focus on making only high quality videos.

If you are thinking twice about including video marketing to your content marketing, here are some reasons you should opt for it.

Valuable Information

In today’s world, people turn to YouTube to listen to video content more than they turn to text based contents. People visit a website page with the expectation of finding the right content. If they fail to figure out what your website is all about, or if they don’t find the required information, they usually leave the website.

This is when bounce rate builds up. Everyone knows that bounce rate is a bad news for a website. In a recent study is has been seen that after incorporation of videos to the websites, the conversion rate has gone up. This is because, a video offers better information than a text based blog post or article.

If your service is a critical one, if you think that people will find it hard to understand what you have got to sell, it is better to attach a video to your landing page instead of trying to explain your service in text. More than often, the effort does not yield proper result.

The best thing about a video is the approach. The content can both visually and audibly appeal to the visitors. When you are publishing a video you are capturing the visitors’ attention completely.

Easy Way to Beat Competition

Yes, this kind of content marketing strategy can be a winner. If you explore, you will see that the websites offer it all. They have blog posts, they have social media marketing strategy, they also have email marketing strategy. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that most of them don’t have a video marketing strategy. The one reason is – the amount of money which video marketing takes.

So, this is the aspect where you can beat the competitions. With your videos you can attract people’s attention. Because the marketing is becoming stagnant, the need to stand out has become even more important.

Also, the appetite for videos is growing with time. Everyone wants to watch videos and keep searching YouTube for detailed information. It might be surprising to know that every day more than five billion people watch videos on YouTube.

Missing out on video marketing is missing out on being able to attract people’s attention. Videos offer the expertise required to be the leader in a particular area.  

With video content, you are opening yourself up to a large audience who are completely new. With the expansion of this platform, you can make better sell and get higher reach.

Viewers nowadays buy a product only after watching a video. Such an inclusion increases the chance to make a sale by 85 percent. Additionally, now Google has started to focus on websites with videos. So, if you want a ranking boost, you must incorporate a video marketing strategy to your content marketing.


The process of conversion has changed. Now, people watch videos on YouTube first. Then they find the landing page of the brand to find out more about the product or service. Once they find the website satisfactory, they decide to buy the product.

Gaining trust is an important task if you want to increase your conversion rate. To gain trust you need to show that you have the skill and expertise both. By publishing videos you can achieve this feat.

Conversion rate can get affected by the video content that you publish. However, you need to remember some important facts when you are incorporating video content to your marketing strategy.

The video content must resonate with the brand image. Here you don’t have the luxury to be irrelevant. If people don’t find your content satisfactory, you would not be able to make a sale. Another important fact is – your content needs to be entertaining. Don’t try to make it a sale pitch. Thousands have tried it and thousands have failed. If you want people to come can watch your videos till the end, make the content compelling.

People will only remain to watch your video, when they find the topic interesting. This is why, the presenter must be capable of holding on to the attention of the people. If you think, you cannot do this, find someone else to present your product.

Some Quick Considerations

Before you create your video, you need to answer some important questions. Who will be watching the videos? Why should people watch it? Which platform will they use to watch your video?

However, if you think you will not be able to match the expected quality, you should not try to make a video. Also, you should not plunge into the world of video making without a proper plan. First sit and chalk out a plan then only go forward with the video making.

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