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Untold Facts about Facebook Ads that can Improve Your Sale

You will have to spend some money on Facebook ads, if you want to improve your e-commerce sales rate. Here you will get some tips to get started.

Untold Facts about Facebook Ads that can Improve Your Sale

Changing algorithm is a common event for the social media sites. This is done to customize the feeds that the social media users view every day. With the recent algorithm update, getting people to view the organic contents has become difficult. The modern era is following a singular law – you have to pay to play.

Well, this is why getting customers for e-commerce portals are getting even more difficult. If you are looking for an effective e-commerce sales strategy, you need to implement something extra to find the right kind of brand exposure.

Many marketers are turning towards Facebook for the purpose dragging people’s attention to their brand’s Facebook profile. However, if you really want to leverage the power of Facebook, you need to eye the Facebook ads for your e-commerce business. This is because in this era organic optimization really does not work.

However, paying money for ads which might not convert the leads into positive sales is not what you are looking for, right? Well, as a matter of fact no one looks for such an option, though experimenting is the best way to improving sales rate.

Experts claim that Facebook ads are the effective ways of generating traffic to the e-commerce website. Also, with these ads, one can improve the conversion rate as well.

So, when you are creating sales strategy for e-commerce business, you need to this about a Facebook ad promotion strategy as well.

If you are wondering how to use Facebook ads to improve e-commerce sales, we have the answer. Here you will get a list of tips to get started with Facebook ads.

Images for Facebook Ads

You need to make sure that when you are creating ads, you are using images. Text based ads don’t really attract the attention of the people. This is why you need to add the touch of appeal to your Facebook ad with some high quality images.

There are some aspects of the images which you need to pay attention to.

  • First, you need to make sure that the image which you are uploading is bright. A gloomy, hazy image will not attract the attention of the web visitors.

  • Don’t hesitate to use color when you are uploading images for Facebook ads. Remember that the right fusion of color succeeds in attracting the attention of the viewers.

  • Don’t use images with a color combination that merge into the background of Facebook. People might not be able to notice your ad this way.

  • Use happy images. Experts claim that such images attract the attention of the people better than stern images.

Flood of color is important. People tend to scroll through Facebook ads. If you don’t use color combination to catch eyes, you will not be able to make people click your ad links.

So, you need to create the ad image carefully as photos have got the power to engage people.

Consider Getting Facebook Pixel

Only uploading Facebook ads will not be sufficient. You need more than that. You need to monitor each ad that you upload. For this you would need Facebook Pixel. Installing this tool will enable you to keep a close look at the Facebook ads that you are posting for the growth of e-commerce business.

By watching what’s working and what’s not working, you can create the perfect customer focused ads.

Make the Ads Interesting

When you are creating a sales strategy for e-commerce business, you need to consider Facebook as the most popular social media platform. However, you need to understand one essential fact. You need to understand that Facebook is a hangout place. People don’t visit Facebook to buy things. In fact, people come to Facebook to socialize with other people.

So, you must make it a point to create interesting ads to attract the attention of the Facebook visitors. You must make effort to create your Facebook ads to target the relevant people.

If you fail to find those who can be interested in your Facebook ads, you will not be able to drive up the e-commerce sale.

This is why you will require Facebook Pixel for monitoring your Facebook ads.

Custom Audience for the Facebook Visitors

If you are looking forward to huge sales the first time you post a Facebook ad, you are mistaking. People will not make a purchase the first time they come to your website. In fact, the study says that 99 percent people will not buy from you the first time they visit your website.

Why is that? If you are wondering this, you need to remember that there are countless reasons for people to opt out of your website. However, since they have visited your website once, they have shown interest.

You can try to entice these visitors to buy from your website by offering them some discounts or other perks. The custom audience is for the people who have visited your website. These are not the people who have purchased from your website.

You must have a separate strategy to make the existing customers buy from your website again. To lure the visitors to buy from you, there should be some additional strategizing.

Fix Cart Abandonment

Abandoning shopping cart is a common event. There are countless people who add products to their shopping carts and then abandon the cart at the time of checkout.

To get these people back, you would need a perfect remarketing strategy. You must focus on the people who have abandoned the shopping cart. This is because these people have shown interest in your products already. They have added the products to the cart. But, something must have turned them off.

You need to find the reason why they have abandoned the cart and then try to fix the issue.

For this, you must create the Facebook ads to remind them of the products that they have abandoned. You can also tell them about the similar products that your website is selling.

Lastly, even if you are trying to get new customers for your e-commerce website, you should not forget about the existing customers. Create some strategy to retain the people who have bought from your website already.

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